Bat Kol Institute

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Bat Kol Institute

            Associated with the Sisters of Sion, Bat Kol is a Catholic association of Christian women and men who are committed to study the Word of God within its Jewish context and to incorporate these studies into their Christian self-understanding.  The inspiration for its founding was Nostra Aetate (#4) which states: “Since Christians and Jews have such a common spiritual heritage, this sacred Council wishes to encourage and further mutual understanding and appreciation. This can be obtained, especially, by way of biblical and theological inquiry and through friendly discussions.”  Bat Kol was founded as an institute where Christians can engage in biblical studies and explore their own historical relationship with the Jewish tradition as a whole.

            Each year Bat Kol Institute sponsors intensive month-long graduate-level courses in Jerusalem, accepted by the Gregorian University and several international universities. In addition, Bat Kol Institute staff supervises several international Bat Kol extension programs.


Bat Kol Institute for Jewish Studies
5 Othniel Street (Baka)
9250306 Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: (02) 650 76 61
Fax: (02) 671 50 56
Email: [email protected]


Academic & Administrative Director:
Sr. Prof. Maureena Fritz, n.d.s., BA., BED., MA., Ph.D.