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Episcopal Commission for Christian Pilgrimages

The Issuing of Spiritual Leader’s (SLP) Cards 

As a service to pilgrims visiting the Holy Land and on behalf of the A.C.O.H.L., the Episcopal Commission for Christian Pilgrimages provides the “Spiritual Leader” ID card for those qualified spiritual leaders who have been commissioned by their ordinary to accompany groups of pilgrims in the Holy Land. Spiritual leaders who have obtained the card are not intended to compete with local Israeli or Palestinian tour guides, but are rather primarily concerned about the spiritual and pastoral aspects of the pilgrimage, that is, by connecting the experience of the pilgrims in the Holy Land with their life of faith and prayer.



Notre Dame Center
P.O.B. 20531
9120402 Jerusalem

Tel: 972-2-626 46 48
Fax: 972-2-628 85 55

Email: [email protected]


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Requirements for applying for the granting or renewal of the Spiritual Leader’s CARD


The SPL Card                                                                                                    

New Guidelines – April 2018


Documentation to be submitted


To download an application for the Spiritual Leader’s card in the language of your choice, click on one of the following links:

English  First Request   English  Renewal 
Français  Première demande   Français  Renouvellement
Italiano  Prima richiesta Italiano   Rinnovo richiesta
Deutsch  Erstmaliger Antrag Deutsch  Erneuerung 
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