Office for Legal Services

Posted by jean-paul | | Friday 28 July 2017 8:51 am


The A.C.O.H.L. established a department for legal affairs, which assist church’s members, as priests, nuns, religious men, and women, and as well students in local Seminaries or Biblical Institutes and volunteers involved in the Institutions of the Church. This department of the A.C.O.H.L. helps them in applying for visas or residence permit and contacting the Ministry of Interior on their behalf.


In order to fulfill all the formalities, it is necessary to present the following documents:

– Letter of presentation of the superior of the applicant

– Application for visa (for Christian Communities Department)

– Application of Entry visa to Israel (first time) 

– Application for the Extension of the Residence’s visa

– Application for the Multi-Entries visa

– Entry applications C.V. for Christian religious (for Arabs)

*Please, click on one of the above links to download the needed documents.
*Please, it is recommended to consult the department for legal affairs before fulfilling or submitting any document.


Person in charge:

Mr. Geries N. Juma


Notre Dame Center
P.O.B. 20531
9120402 Jerusalem

Tel: 972-2-628 85 54
Fax: 972-2-628 85 55