Pontifical Biblical Institute (PBI)

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Pontifical Biblical Institute (PBI)

When the Pontifical Biblical Institute was founded in Rome in 1909, a branch in the Holy Land was already being considered. Father Alexis Mallon, S.J. came to Jerusalem in 1913 to set up such a branch but was prevented from doing so because of the War of 1914-18.  He returned in 1919.  The cornerstone of the building was laid in October 1925 and the inauguration took place in July 1927.

     From 1927 to 1938, a few students from the Biblicum in Rome came to Jerusalem each year during the last semester of their studies.  Beginning in 1952, the Jerusalem branch opened its doors to other biblical students.  Courses in the biblical languages were organized from 1969 to 1972 for students preparing to attend the Biblicum in Rome.

     Since 1975, a program of seven months is offered by Hebrew University of Jerusalem to students of the Biblicum who have completed in Rome the introductory course in biblical Greek and Hebrew.  This program aims at deepening their knowledge of Hebrew and of the history, geography and archaeology of the land of the Bible.  Since 1986, the Ecole Biblique of Jerusalem receives for one semester other students from the Biblicum in Rome who are halfway through their studies.  In addition to the study of biblical Aramaic, this program includes courses in exegesis.  Finally, since 2000, the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum offers each year in September a course in biblical archaeology to a significant number of students from the Pontifical Biblical Institute.


Address:  3 Paul Emile Botta Street
P.O.B. 497
9100401 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 625 28 43
Fax: (02) 624 12 03
Director: Rev. Patrick Lee, S.J.

Pontifical University of the Holy Cross: Polis Institute

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Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

Polis. The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities 

     “Polis. The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities” is an institution founded in 2011 to improve the learning of biblical languages and classical humanities in general. It was created in partnership with the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome, Italy).


Headquarters: Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
Piazza di Sant’Apollinare, 49
00186 Rome, Italy
Jerusalem: Polis. The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities
Director: Mr. Christophe Rico
Address: 8, Ha’ayin Het Street
9511208 Jerusalem
Tel: 074 701 10 48
Fax: (02) 623 24 75
E-mail: info@polisjerusalem.org
Website: www.polisjerusalem.org

German Academic Study Program (Theologisches Studienjahr Jerusalem)

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German Academic Study Program
(Theologisches Studienjahr Jerusalem)

 Dormition Abbey


            The German Academic Study Program in Jerusalem is an Institute of Biblical and Theological Studies designed to serve students of various German-speaking Faculties of Theology in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  It is conducted in association with the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Athenaeum of Saint Anselm in Rome with which it was affiliated by decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education on May 21, 1973.

Address:  German Academic Study Program
Mount Zion
P.O.B. 22
9100001 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 565 53 00 (office)
Tel: (02) 565 53 01 (dean)
Fax: (02) 565 53 37 (office)
E-mail: studienjahr.secretariat@dormitio.net
Websites: www.studienjahr.de
Websites: www.dormitio.net


Delegate of the Dean of Saint Anselm: Delegate of the Dean of Saint Anselm:
Abbot Gregory Collins, O.S.B.
Dean of the institute: Dr. Thomas Fornet-Ponse
Number of professors: 25-30








Bethlehem University

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Bethlehem University


            Bethlehem University was founded in order to provide the Christian community in the Holy Land with the opportunity to acquire a higher education.
In the spring of 1973, the hierarchy and those responsible for education in the diocese suggested the creation of a university at the College run by the Christian Brothers (Collège des Frères) in Bethlehem. The proposal was accepted.  Under the direction of three American Brothers, the University opened its doors on October 1, 1973.


Address:  Rue des Frères
P.O.B. 9
Tel: (02) 274 12 41/2/3 (University)
Tel: (02) 274 31 51 (Brother’s residence)
Fax: (02) 274 44 40
E-mail: pbray@bethlehem.edu
Website: www.bethlehem.edu
Mailing Address: P.O.B. 11407
9111301 Jerusalem

Faculties & Institutes   

– Faculty of Arts
– Shucri Ibrahim Dabdoub – Faculty of Business Administration
– Faculty of Science
– Faculty of Education
– Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences
– Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism
– Institute for Community Partnership

Master Degrees

– M.A. in International Cooperation and Development (MICAD)
– M.Sc. in Biotechnology
– M.A. in Tourism Studies


Higher Diplomas

– Emergency Nursing       
– Methods of Teaching:     .                                             .                                             .                                             .                                             . Arabic for Secondary Level
English for Secondary Level
Civics for Primary Level
Science for Primary Level
Christian Religion
– Midwifery
– Neonatal Nursing

Professional Diplomas

– Business Management
– Project Management
– Public Administration
– Small Scale Business Management
– Cooperative Societies Management
– Prevention and Intervention of Drug Abusers

Baccalaureate degrees:

Accounting, Arabic Language and Literature, Biology, Business Administration,
Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, English Language and Literature,
Education/Kindergarten, Education/Primary Level, Hotel Management,
Mathematics, Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy,
Religious Studies, Sociology, Social Work, Teaching Arabic, Teaching English,
Teaching History and Geography, Teaching Mathematics.

Baccalaureate Minors:

Accounting, Arabic, Biology, Business Administration, Catechetics, Chemistry,
Computer Information Systems, Finance, Industrial Chemistry, Journalism,
Marketing, Medical Technology, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Translation


Hotel Management, Christian Education, Tour Guiding, Travel Agency Management


Grand Chancellor: The Apostolic Delegate,
H.E. Msgr. Giuseppe Lazzarotto
Vice Chancellor: Bro. Peter Bray, F.S.C
President: Bro. Georges Absi, F.S.C.
Vice President for Academic Affairs: Dr. Irene Hazou    
Vice President for Finance & Administrative Affairs: Mr. Youil Anastas
Vice President for Development:           Bro. Stephen Touhy, F.S.C.
Executive Vice President: Dr. Michael Sansur


 Faculty & Staff  (fall 2013, Full-Time & Parte-Time):

Priests and Religious:  23
Lay Persons:              339


American University of Madaba

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American University of Madaba (AUM)
Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

     Inspired by an education legacy of over 160 years, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem established the American University of Madaba (AUM). His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI  blessed the cornerstone of this University during his pilgrimage to the Holy Land on May 9, 2009.

     AUM was officially established by the LPJ in 2005 and in that same year was granted accreditation by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission of Jordan. AUM has also  received incorporation in the US, State of New Hampshire,  upon recommendation of the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission, on March 22, 2013. The official inauguration of the AUM was held on May 30, 2013, under the patronage of HM King Abdullah II.

The AUM Mission, Vision

AUM believes that its vision and mission can best be achieved by being a private, Catholic-founded, not-for-profit university incorporated in both Jordan and the United States.


AUM will be an internationally renowned university for its holistic education and its dedication to use wisdom and science to build a better world.


  • AUM ensures academic excellence through highly competent faculty, staff, and students supported by state-of-the-art sustainable facilities, strategic research and job-relevant study programs.
  • AUM devotes its energies to the development of Jordan and the region.
  • AUM builds on its international partnerships to enrich student experiences, to expand faculty capabilities and to broaden resources.
  • AUM prepares leaders educated in the values of ethical conduct, human understanding, astuteness, integrity and peace who are dedicated to benefitting society and resolving local and global problems.


AUM    Faculties:   

  1. Faculty of Engineering:
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
  1. Faculty of Science:
Biology and Biotechnology
  1. Faculty of Health Sciences:
Medical Laboratories
Nutrition and Dietetics
  1. Faculty of Information Technology:
Computer Science
  1. Faculty of Business and Finance:
Business Administration
Banking and Finance
Risk Management
  1. Faculty of Art and Design:
Graphic Design
Interior Design
  1. Faculty of Languages and Communication:
English Language and Literature


Address: P.O.B. 2882
11821 Amman
Tel: (05) 329 44 44
Fax: (05) 329 44 50
E-mail: info@aum.edu.jo
Website: www.aum.edu.jo



AUM Board of Trustees

Chair: H.E. Dr. Marouf Al-Bakhit
Deputy Chair: H.E. Archbishop Maroun Lahham
University President: Prof. George Hazboun
Fr. Dr. Jihad Shuweihat
Rev. Dr. Jonathan De Felice
Prof. Bassam Ammari
Prof. Abdul-Karim Qudah
Prof. Karim Abdel-Malek
Prof. Marianne Hattar-Polara
  Prof. Elie Badr
Prof. Osama Nusier
Prof. Wasileh Petro
Prof. Muwaffaq Al Omoush
Dr. Munif Hijazi
Mr.Imad Mouasher
Council Secretary: Eng. Majdi Dayyat



President: Prof. Dr. George Hazboun
Vice president for Academic Affairs: Prof. Munir  Dababneh
Vice President for Quality and Accreditation: Prof. Nasri Al Rabadi
Vice President: Prof. Ayman Maaitah
President Assistant for Executive & Administrative Affaires: Eng. Majdi Dayyat
Chief Executive Officer: Rev. Dr. Majdi  Siryani



Jeunesse Etudiante Catholique

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JEC Palestine (Jeunesse Etudiante Catholique)


JEC (Young Catholic Students) is the lay movement for Christian youth that works under the umbrella of the Catholic Council of Bishops in the Holy Land, providing pastoral activities for youth of different ages in the parishes, schools and universities all over Palestine. The General Secretariat is comprised of representatives from all parishes, the General Chaplain and General Secretary. The main office is based in Christ the King Bookstore in Beit Sahour.


General Chaplain: Rev.  Aziz Halaweh
General Secretary:  Mughannam Ghannam 
Address: JEC Palestine
Christ the King Bookstore
Beit Sahour, Palestine
Telefax: (02) 275 53 53
Email: jecinfo1964@gmail.com



Neo-Catechumenal Way

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Neo-Catechumenal Way (1999)


Generalate: Cammino Neocatecumenale
Via del Mascherino, 53
00193 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 (06) 681 345 02
Fax: +39 (06) 681 344 38
E-mail: cncroma@tin.it


Jerusalem: Domus Mamre.
International center for study of the Holy Scriptures
Number of  members:  25
Priest in charge: Rev. Felipe Torreblanca
Address: Monastery Domus Mamre
House of Abraham
Ras El ‘Amud, Jerusalem
P.O.B. 18495
9118302 Jerusalem
Tel & fax: (02) 628 41 05
Mobile: 057 743 15 10
E-mail: domusmamre@gmail.com


Korazim: Domus Galilaeae.
International center for the study of the Holy Scripture
Number of  members:  70
Priest in charge: Rev. Rino Rossi
Address: Monastery Domus Galilaeae
P.O.B. 909
1410801 Tiberias
Tel: (04) 680 91 00
Fax: (04) 680 91 11
Mobile: 054 554 03 40
E-mail: reception@domusgalilaeae.org
Website: www.domusgalilaeae.org


Korazim: Seminary Redemptoris Mater’
Number of  members:  40
Superior: Rev. Francesco Voltaggio
Address: Monastery Domus Galilaeae
1410801 Tiberias
Tel: (04) 680 91 00
Fax: (04) 680 91 11
Mobile: 054 596 17 53
E-mail: sem.galilea@gmail.com

The Spiritual Family The Work

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The Spiritual Family The Work  (Das Werk) (1975)
(La Famille Spirituelle ” L’Oeuvre ” ) 


Main center: Famiglia Spirituale “L’Opera”
Collegium Paulinum
Via di Val Cannuta, 32
I – 00166 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 (06) 662 84 48
Fax: (06) 660 002 62
E-mail: sg.cp@opera-fso.org


Jerusalem: Service of Saint Anne’s Monastery, and of pilgrims at the
Christian Information Center
Number of members: 4
Superior: Sr. Pauline egger, F.S.O.
Address: Monastery of Spiritual Family The Work
c/o St Ann’s Monastery
P.O.B. 19079
9119002 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 627 19 11
Mobile: 054 906 05 84
E-mail: st.annejer@oeuvre-fso.org
E-mail: andreas.jerusalem@arcor.de                           .

Website: www.oeuvre-fso.org
Website: www.thework-fso.org

Servants of the Gospel

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Servants of the Gospel of Gods Mercy (2009)
(Servidores deL Evangelio de La Misericordia de Dios)


Generalate: Virgen de Lujàn 3105
1744 Moreno, Buenos Aires
Gen. Responsible: Sr. Rosa Sàez Gil
Tel: +54 237 481 5212
E-mail: saezrosa@hotmail.com


Milya: Pastoral services, Community                                                                                             .
Number of members:  4
Contact person: Sr. Monika Kraemer
Address: Sisters’ House
P.O.B. 1209
2514000 Mi’ilya
Tel: (04) 997 25 22
Mobile: 052 630 95 96
E-mail: servidoresmiilya@hotmail.com 
Website: www.servidoresdelevangelio.com

Community of Sant’Egidio

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Community of Sant’Egidio (2010)


Contact person: Mr. Claudio Mario Betti
Address: Via Dolorosa
P.O.B. 19119
9119002 Jerusalem, Israel
E-mail: cmbetti@gmail.com
Website: www.santegidio.org
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