Service for Legal Affairs (Visas for Church’s personnel)

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Service for Legal Affairs

Person in Charge: Mr. Robert Hazzou
Tel.: (02) 628 85 54
Fax: (02) 628 85 55


Christian Media Center

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Contact person: Rev. Agustin Pelayo Fregoso, O.F.M.
Collaborators: Cancaõ Nova and Obra de Maria
Reporter: Cristiano Assunção
Address: c/o Terra Sancta College
2, Keren Hayesod Street
9100801 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 563 96 61
Fax: (02) 566 95 53
Mobile: 052 674 75 80 (Reporter)
TV services:

Italian Facebook page:  FmcTerrasantaIt

English Facebook page: FMC-Terrasanta-En

French facebook page: FMC-Terrasanta-Fr

Spanish Facebook page: FMC-Terrasanta-Es


Twitter: @FMCTerrasanta

Telepace Holy Land TV

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The “Cenacle Mary the Star of Evangelization”, through “Telepace” Holy Land TV, aims to serve the local Church using the medium of television. Telepace has been established in the Holy Land since 2004. Its goals are to give voice to the life of the Christian Communities, to introduce the Holy places and life in the Holy Land to pilgrims, to promote spirituality and motivate people to pray.


Via Ragazzi della Pace,1
37020 CERNA di Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo
Verona, Italy

General Superior and Director:

Mons. Guido Todeschini
Tel: +39 045 7545051
Fax: +39 045 7545244


Jerusalem:  TELEPACE Holy Land TV, Editorial Office
Director: Francesco Zampini
Mailing Address:  Editorial Office
c/o Knights Palace Hotel
P.O.B. 14152
Jerusalem 9114101
Tel.: +972 2 628 86 97
Mobile:  054 970 64 41; 059 266 64 41


Episcopal Committe for Youth’s Pastoral Activities

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Episcopal Committee for Youth’s Pastoral Activities

President: Most Rev. William  Shomali
Mobile: 054- 970 64 08

Justice and Peace Commission

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Founded on April 20, 1971, the Commission for Justice and Peace functions under the auspices of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land as a Catholic resource, liaison, and animation center to further the social mission of the Church. 

Address:   Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center
P.O.B. 20531
9120402 Jerusalem
  Tel. : (02)628 85 54
Fax : (02) 628 85 55
President: H.B.Patriach Michel  Sabbah
Members: Rt. Rev. David Nehaus,S.J.
  Rev. Franz Brouwen  M.A.
  Rev. Nikodemus Schnabel, O.S.B
  Sr.Frida Nasser,  S.J.A
  Mrs Rania Abu Murra
  Mrs  Sawsan  Bitar
  Mr. Yousef  Daher
  Mr. Sami  El -Yousef
  Mr. Raffoul  Rofa
  Mr. Francis  Tams

Interritual Presbyteral Council for Galilee

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 Interritual Presbyteral Council


Exar. Fauzi Khoury
Arch. Agapios Abu Saada
Rev. Masoud Abu Hattum
Mobile: 054 441 40 16
Mobile: 054 788 05 90
Mobile: 050 568 37 15
Maronite Church:    Rev. Afif  Makhoul -  Treasurer
Rev. Yousef Yacoub
Mobile: 052 802 46 88
Mobile: 054 808 33 14
Rev. Elias Tabban
Rev. Francois  Marie Shamieh           
Mobile: 050 205 00 15
Mobile: 054 541 75 83

Episcopal Catholic Committee for Legal Affairs

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Episcopal Catholic Committee for Legal Affairs

The Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land implemented, during the plenary meeting of March 13, 2013, a Catholic Committee for Legal Affairs as a counsulting legal body. This committee has :

–     To represent the Catholic Ordinaries for legal affairs before the official authorities;

–     To fellow up the formation of a new laws giving the position of the Church;

–     To present to the A.C.O.H.L. information and studies on urgent and important matters;

–     To fellow up the important legal affairs for the Church and its institutions.

          President:               Rev. Elias Dr Daw

          Vice president:     Rev. Emil Dr Salayta

          Secretary:               Lawyer Issam Abou Nassar

          Tresaury:                Lawyer Khader Habash

          Members:               Rev. Samir Dr Rohana

               Rev. Naji Dr Yacoub

Pope Francis

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Pope Francis


He was born in Buenos Aires on 17 December 1936, the son of Italian immigrants.He graduated as a chemical technician and then chose the path of the priesthood, entering the Diocesan Seminary of Villa Devoto. On 11 March 1958 he entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus. He completed his studies of the humanities in Chile and returned to Argentina in 1963 to graduate with a degree in philosophy from the Colegio de San José in San Miguel. From 1964 to 1965 he taught literature and psychology at Immaculate Conception College in Santa Fé and in 1966 he taught the same subject at the Colegio del Salvatore in Buenos Aires. From 1967-70 he studied theology and obtained a degree from the Colegio of San José.

On 13 December 1969 he was ordained a priest by Archbishop Ramón José Castellano. He continued his training between 1970 and 1971 at the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain, and on 22 April 1973 made his final profession with the Jesuits. Back in Argentina, he was novice master at Villa Barilari, San Miguel; professor at the Faculty of Theology of San Miguel; consultor to the Province of the Society of Jesus and also Rector of the Colegio Máximo of the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology.

On 31 July 1973 he was appointed Provincial of the Jesuits in Argentina, an office he held for six years. He then resumed his work in the university sector and from 1980 to 1986 served once again as Rector of the Colegio de San José, as well as parish priest, again in San Miguel. In March 1986 he went to Germany to finish his doctoral thesis; his superiors then sent him to the Colegio del Salvador in Buenos Aires and next to the Jesuit Church in the city of Córdoba as spiritual director and confessor.

It was Cardinal Antonio Quarracino, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, who wanted him as a close collaborator. So, on 20 May 1992 Pope John Paul II appointed him titular Bishop of Auca and Auxiliary of Buenos Aires. On 27 May he received episcopal ordination from the Cardinal in the cathedral. He chose as his episcopal motto, miserando atque eligendo, and on his coat of arms inserted the ihs, the symbol of the Society of Jesus.

He gave his first interview as a bishop to a parish newsletter, Estrellita de Belém. He was immediately appointed Episcopal Vicar of the Flores district and on 21 December 1993 was also entrusted with the office of Vicar General of the Archdiocese. Thus it came as no surprise when, on 3 June 1997, he was raised to the dignity of Coadjutor Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Not even nine months had passed when, upon the death of Cardinal Quarracino, he succeeded him on 28 February 1998, as Archbishop, Primate of Argentina and Ordinary for Eastern-rite faithful in Argentina who have no Ordinary of their own rite.

Three years later at the Consistory of 21 February 2001, John Paul ii created him Cardinal, assigning him the title of San Roberto Bellarmino. He asked the faithful not to come to Rome to celebrate his creation as Cardinal but rather to donate to the poor what they would have spent on the journey. As Grand Chancellor of the Catholic University of Argentina, he is the author of the books: Meditaciones para religiosos (1982), Reflexiones sobre la vida apostólica (1992) and Reflexiones de esperanza (1992).

In October 2001 he was appointed General Relator to the 10th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Episcopal Ministry. This task was entrusted to him at the last minute to replace Cardinal Edward Michael Egan, Archbishop of New York, who was obliged to stay in his homeland because of the terrorist attacks on September 11th. At the Synod he placed particular emphasis on “the prophetic mission of the bishop”, his being a “prophet of justice”, his duty to “preach ceaselessly” the social doctrine of the Church and also “to express an authentic judgement in matters of faith and morals”.

All the while Cardinal Bergoglio was becoming ever more popular in Latin America. Despite this, he never relaxed his sober approach or his strict lifestyle, which some have defined as almost “ascetic”. In this spirit of poverty, he declined to be appointed as President of the Argentine Bishops’ Conference in 2002, but three years later he was elected and then, in 2008, reconfirmed for a further three-year mandate. Meanwhile in April 2005 he took part in the Conclave in which Pope Benedict XVI was elected.

Until the beginning of the recent sede vacante, he was a member of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, the Congregation for the Clergy, the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, the Pontifical Council for the Family and the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.

He was elected Supreme Pontiff on 13 March 2013.


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Assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land

Latin Patriarchate

Saint James Vicariate for Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel

Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Custody of the Holy Land

Latin Patriarchate Seminary

Media Catholic Center

Rt Rev. Jerzy Kraj, O.F.M.

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Rt Rev. Jerzy Kraj, O.F.M.

Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Cyprus

Born on August 5, 1960 at Zakliczyn, Poland; ordained Priest in 1986 in Jerusalem; appointed Patriarchal Vicar, August 26, 2013.

 Address: Holy Cross Church, Paphos Gate
P.O.B. 21964
1010 Nicosia
Tel: +357 (22) 66 21 32
Fax: +357 (22) 66 07 67




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