His Excellency Most Reverend Giorgio Lingua

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His Excellency Most Reverend


Titular Archbishop of Tuscania
Apostolic Nuncio to Jordan
Apostolic Nuncio to Iraq

Born on March 23, 1960 in Fossano (Italy), he was ordained a priest on November 10, 1984 for the Diocese of Fossano. Obtained a doctorate in Canon Law, he entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See on 1992. He served in Ivory Coast, United States of America, Secretary of State, Italy and Serbia. Elected Titular Archbishop of Tuscania on September 4, 2010, he was consecrated Bishop on …… He is also Apostolic Nuncio to Iraq.

First  Secretary:   Msgr. Mauricio Rueda Beltz

Second Secretary: Msg.  …………………….

Apostolic Nunciature in Jordan

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Apostolic Nunciature in Jordan

Formerly, the Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem was also the Apostolic Delegate for Jordan. The office holders were therefore the same as those mentioned above for Jerusalem.

 On March 3, 1994, the Holy See and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan agreed to establish full diplomatic relations. Subsequently, a Nunciature was established in Amman on April 6, 1994 and a Jordanian Embassy was accredited to the Holy See.


Former Apostolic Nuncios:   
His Excellency Most Reverend Giuseppe Lazzarotto  1994-2000
His Excellency Most Reverend Fernando Filoni  2001-2006
His Excellency Most Reverend Francis Assisi Chullikatt 2006-2010 
His Excellency Most Reverend Giorgio Lingua 2010- to present


     Address: Apostolic Nunciature
P.O.B. 142916
11814 Amman-jordan
  Tel.: +962 (06) 59 29 934
Fax:  +962 (06) 59 29 931
  E-mail: nuntiusjordan@gmail.com
Website: www.vatican.va  


Pilgrim Centers

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Abu Gosh



Ein Karem


Mount of Beatitudes

Mount of Tabor






Franciscan Pilgrims Office

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Franciscan Pilgrims Office


      The  Franciscan   Pilgrims   Office,  located   within   the   Christian Information Center, was founded in 1955 to help priests and pilgrims obtain permission to celebrate religious services in the shrines of the Custody of the Holy Land.


Address: Omar ibn El Khattab Square – Jaffa Gate
P.O.B. 14308
91142 Jerusalem
  Tel.: (02) 627 26 92
Fax: (02) 628 64 17
  E-mail: cicinfo@cicts.org
Website:  www.cicts.org


Director: Rev. Jerzy Kraj, O.F.M.
  Tel.: (02) 627 26 97
Fax: (02) 628 52 78
  E-mail: fpo@cicts.org

Christian Information Center (CIC)

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Pilgrim Services

 Christian Information Center


Located next to Jaffa Gate, facing the Tower of David, the Christian Information  Center was established by the Custody of the Holy Land to serve the Christian  Churches of all denominations, the inhabitants of the Holy Land, pilgrims, and all who are interested in the life of Christians in the Holy Land.

The  Christian  Information  Center  has  a  permanent  information service, a lecture hall, and a series of other facilities for lectures, meetings,and exhibits.

The Center publishes six times a year an information bulletin that is also available on the Internet.

Address: Omar ibn El Khattab Square – Jaffa Gate
P.O.B. 14308
91142 Jerusalem
  Tel: (02) 627 26 92
Fax: (02) 628 64 17
  E-mail: cicinfo@cicts.org
Website: www.cicts.org
Director: Rev. Jerzy Kraj, O.F.M.
  E-mail: jkraj@custodia.org

Pilgrim Services

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Christian Information Center

Franciscan Pilgrims Office

Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family

Notre Dame Center (Jerusalem)

Principal Shrines in the Holy Land

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IX. Principal Shrines in the Holy Land

Jerusalem Bethphage (OFM)
Cenacle (OFM)
Dominus Flevit (OFM)
Dormition (Benedictines)
Ecce Homo (Sisters of Sion-Chemin Neuf)
Flagellation (OFM)
Gethsemane (OFM)
Holy Sepulcher (OFM)
Our Father / Pater Noster (Carmelite Nuns)
St. Anne (Missionaries of Africa)
St. Peter in Gallicantu (Assumptionists)
St. Stephen / St. Etienne (Dominicans)
3rd  and 4th  Stations (Armenian Catholics)
5th  & 7th  Stations (OFM)
6th  Station (Melkites)
Abu Gosh Emmaus of the Crusaders (Benedictines)
Beit Sahour Shepherds’ Field (OFM)
Bethany St. Lazarus (OFM)
Bethlehem Milk Grotto (OFM)
Nativity (OFM)
Cana First Miracle (OFM)
Capernaum House of Peter (OFM)
Ein Karem Visitation (OFM)
St. John in the Desert (OFM)
St. John the Baptist (OFM)
Haifa Stella Maris (Carmelites)
Jordan River Place of the Baptism (OFM)
Latrun Amwas Emmaus Nicopolis (Betharram/Beatitudes)
Mount Nebo Memorial to Moses (OFM)
Mount of Beatitudes Sermon on the Mount (Franciscan Sisters of IHM)
Muhraqa Sacrifice of Elijah (Carmelites)
Nazareth Annunciation (OFM)
St. Joseph (OFM)
Synagogue (Melkites)
Qubeibeh Emmaus Qubeibeh (OFM)
Ramleh St. Nicodemus (OFM)
Tabgha Multiplication of the Loaves (Benedictines) Primacy of Peter (OFM)
Tabor Transfiguration (OFM)
Tiberias St. Peter (OFM)
Jordan Mount Nebo (OFM)
Al- Maghtas – Jordan River
Anjara – Our Lady of the Mountain
Tisbeh – St Elijah


Our Lady of Peace Center

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Our Lady of Peace Centre
Founded 2004

       Owned by the Latin Patriarchal Vicariate in Amman, Jordan, the Centre is dedicated to serving people with disabilities and to raise the Awareness of the Jordanian Society on the Rights of People with Disabilities. The Centre provides educational and counseling services for the mentally retardation persons, physiotherapy and occupational therapy for physical disabled and early intervention unit for severe cases and autism. Also the centre can host 150 persons for youth, retreat and pastoral programs.

In This words The Holy Father Benedict XVI Started His speech at Our Lady  of Peace Centre- Good Shepherd Church on 8thMay, 2009 “Your reputation for outstanding professional competence, compassionate care and resolute promotion of the rightful place in society of those with special needs is well known here and throughout the kingdom. To the young people present, I thank you for your moving welcome. It is a great joy for me to be with you…Of particular importance, I know, is the Center’s great success in promoting the rightful place of the disabled in society and in ensuring that suitable training and opportunities are provided to facilitate such integration. For this foresight and determination you all deserve great praise and encouragement!”


Address: Our Lady of Peace Centre
P.O.B. 851379
11185 Amman, Jordan
  Tel.: +962 (06) 429 19 90/1
Fax: +962 (06) 429 19 92
  E-mail: info@olopc.org
Website:  www.olopc.org
General Director and representative of the Local Bishop:
  Rev. Fr. Imad Twal


Executive Committee: The Central Committee for OLOPC
President: Mr. Saham Madanat
Vice President & Coordinator:  Dr. Nabil Kharman
Director of the Centre in Amman:  Fr. Imad Twal
Media Coordinator:  Mr. Murad Sidawi
Studies &development Coordinator:  Ms. Rizan Kilani
General Secretary:  Ms. Elin Twal


Administration for the Main Centre in Amman

 The Latin Patriachate of Jerusalem

Director Fr. Imad Twal
Members: Mr. Saham Madanat
  Miss. Elin Twal

Satellite Centres:

Amman: Educational and counseling services, Physiotherapy and
occupational therapy, early intervention unit.
Aqaba: Physiotherapy and occupational therapy, early intervention unit.
Mafraq: Sa’edya Physiotherapy unit (North East Badiah)
Ajloun: Anjara Pgysiotherapy unit (Latin Church)
Fuheis:           Fuheis Physiotherapy unit
Zerka: Zerka Physiotherapy

Famiglie della Visitazione

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Jerusalem: Pastoral services

Number of religious: 2
Person in charge: Deac. Lorenzo Ravasini

Episcopal Commission for Family

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President :   Most Rev.  Maroun  Laham

                            Most Rev . William Shomali

                            Most Rev .Moussa EL -Hage

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