Most Rev. Moussa el-Hage

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El Hage

Most Rev. Moussa El-Hage, O.A.M.

Archbishop of the Maronite Archeparchy of Haifa and the Holy Land

Exarch of the Maronite Patriarchal Exarchate of Jerusalem, Jordan and Palestine  

          Born in Antoura (Metn), Lebanon, on February 19, 1954,  he professed in the maronite Antonin Order in 1972. Ordained as Priest on August 14, 1980, he was elected Archbishop of Haifa and the Holy Land and appointed Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem, Palestine and Jordan in June 16, 2012. Ordained Bishop on July 28, 2012, he took office on September 1, 2012.

     Address: 68, Huber Humphrey Street
P.O.B. 8154
3108101 Haifa
Tel: (04) 853 69 95
Tel: (04) 852 07 18 (direct)
Fax: (04) 853 69 97
Mobile: 052 635 17 13

Apostolic Nunciature in Jordan

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Apostolic Nunciature in Jordan

Formerly, the Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem was also the Apostolic Delegate for Jordan. The office holders were therefore the same as those mentioned above for Jerusalem.

 On March 3, 1994, the Holy See and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan agreed to establish full diplomatic relations. Subsequently, a Nunciature was established in Amman on April 6, 1994 and a Jordanian Embassy was accredited to the Holy See.

 Former Apostolic Nuncios:

His Excellency Most Reverend Giuseppe Lazzarotto 1994-2000
His Excellency Most Reverend Fernando Filoni 2001-2006
His Excellency Most Reverend Francis Assisi Chullikatt 2006-2010
His Excellency Most Reverend Giorgio Lingua 2010- 2015
His Excellency Most Reverend Alberto Ortega Martín 2015 at present


Address: Apostolic Nunciature
14 Anton El-Naber Street
P.O.B. 142916
11814 Amman, JORDAN
Tel: +962 (06) 59 29 934
Fax:  +962 (06) 59 29 931


Second Counselor: Msgr. Luigi Roberto Cona

Second Secretary: Rev. José Nahum Jairo Salas Castañeda

Apostolic Delegation in Jerusalem and Palestine

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Apostolic Delegation
in Jerusalem and Palestine


        Until 1929  Palestine was  under  the  jurisdiction of  the  Apostolic Delegate to Syria who resided in Beirut, Lebanon.  In March  1929, Pope  Pius XI attached Palestine, which included the territories under British Mandate, to the Pontifical Representation in Cairo, whose incumbent also had a residence in Jerusalem. 

On February 11, 1948, Pope Pius XII established the Apostolic Delegation in Jerusalem and Palestine, which included Israel, Jordan and Cyprus. Since 1994, following the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and the State of Israel, the Apostolic Delegation covers only Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories.


Former Apostolic Delegates:
His Excellency Most Reverend Gustavo Testa 1948 – 1953
His Excellency Most Reverend Silvio Oddi 1953 – 1956
His Excellency Most Reverend Giuseppe Sensi 1957 – 1962
His Excellency Most Reverend Lino Zanini 1962 – 1965
His Excellency Most Reverend Augustin Sepinski 1966  – 1969
His Excellency Most Reverend Pio Laghi 1969 – 1974
His Excellency Most Reverend William A. Carew 1974 – 1983
His Excellency Most Reverend Carlo Curis 1983 – 1990
His Excellency Most Reverend Andrea di Montezemolo 1990 – 1998
His Excellency Most Reverend Pietro Sambi 1998 – 2005
His Excellency Most Reverend Antonio Franco 2006 – 2012
His Excellency Most Reverend Giuseppe Lazzarotto 2012- to present


     Address: Apostolic Delegation
Mount of Olives
At Tor Street
P.O.B. 19199
9119102 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 628 22 98; 628 86 30
Fax: (02) 628 18 80


Msgr. Marco Formica       

Cultural Attaché:
Rev. Juan María Solana, L.C.
Chargé of the Holy See for Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

Attaché for Social Affairs:
Mr. Claudio Maina
Director of the Secretariat of Solidarity


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Most Rev. Georges Bacouni, Pro-President                                                                                     Bacouni                

        Greek Melkite Archbishop of Akka

 33 Hagefen Street

 P.O.B 9450

 3109401 Haifa

 Tel: (04) 850 81 05; 850 81 07

 Fax: (04) 850 81 06



H.B.  Michel SabbahSabah_150x200

Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem for Latins

Mount of Olives P.O.B. 95

9100002 Jerusalem

Tel.: (02) 627 83 20

Fax: (02) 628 83 63



H.B. Fouad Twal                                            fouad2008

Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem for Latins

Our Lady of Peace Centre

P.O.B. 851379

11185 Amman, Jordan

Tel: +962 (0)6 429 19 90/1

Fax: (06) 429 19 92


Most Rev.  Youssef Antoine Soueif                                                                       youssef-soueif_01

       Maronite Archbishop of Cyprus

10 Karaiskakis Street – Acropolis
P.O.B. 22249
2012 Strovololos
1519 Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: (022)42 79 66; Fax: (022)31 49 19



Most Rev. Moussa El-Hage, O.A.M.                                                                                  El Hage

Maronite Archbishop of Haifa and the Holy Land  

68 Hatchelet Street

P.O.B 8154

3108101 Haifa

Tel: (04)853 69 95

Fax: (04)853 69 97

Tel & Fax: (04) 852  07 18 (direct)



Maronite Patriarchal Exarch of Jerusalem, Jordan and Palestine

25 Maronite Convent Street

P.O.B 14219

9114102 Jerusalem

Tel: (02) 628 21 58

Fax: (02) 627 28 21

Tel & fax: (02) 626 25 51 (private)



Most Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, O.F.M.

        Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
        Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
        P.O.B. 14152
        9114101 Jerusalem
        Tel: (02) 628 23 23
        Fax: (02) 627 16 52

Most Rev. Elie B. Haddad, B.S.            Haddad                                                                              

Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarchal Administrator 

of Petra and Philadelphia

Masmour Street – Um Alsummaq

P.O.B 2435

11181 Amman

Tel & fax: +962 6 586 66 73


Most Rev. Boutros Mouallem, M.S.P.Boutros_Mouall_150x200

Emeritus Greek Melkite Catholic Archbishop of Akka

P.O.B. 120

1697200 Eilaboun, Israel

Tel & fax: (04) 678 04 45

Mobile: 054 555 23 18



Most Rev. Elias Chacour                                                        Chacour.Elias_-150x150                                                                               

Emeritus Greek Melkite Catholic Archbishop of Akka

P.O.B. 102

3001200 Ibillin

Mobile: 054 771 72 90




Most Rev. Yaser Al-Ayyash                                         Yaser Al - Ayyash (small)                                                       

Emeritus Greek Melkite Catholic Archbishop 

of Petra and Philadelphia

Mobile:+962 795 58 08 41




Most Rev. Joseph-Jules Zerey                                    Zereyi_150x200                                                                                      

Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarchal Vicar in Jerusalem
P.O.B. 14130
9114101 Jerusalem

Tel: (02) 628 20 23

Fax: (02) 628 66 52


Most Rev. Grégoire Boutros Melki Melki.Gregoire Pierre

Syro-Catholic Patriarchal Exarch of Jerusalem
6 Chaldean Street – Nablus Road
P.O.B. 19787
9119702 Jerusalem

Tel: (02) 628 26 57

Tel & Fax: (02) 628 42 17

Mobile: 050 991 40 07


Most Rev. Krikor-Okosdinos Coussa             Coussa1

Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Exarch of Jerusalem 

Via Dolorosa, III Station (old City)

P.O.B. 19546

9119401 Jerusalem

Tel: (02)628 42 62

Fax: (02)627 21 23



Most Rev. Maroun  Lahham                                      vescovotunisi                                                                       

Auxiliary Archbishop, Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan

28 Amerah Alia Street – Sweifieh

P.O.B  851379

11185 Amman, Jordan

Tel: +962 6 592 95 46/7

Fax : +962 6 592 05 48

Mobile: + 962 (0) 79 999 14 34


Most Rev. Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo  marcuzzo_150x200

        Auxiliary Bishop, Patriarchal Vicar for Israel 

Street 6191/3 (near the Basilica of the Annunciation)

1610001 Nazareth

Tel: (04) 655 40 75

Fax: (04) 645 24 16

Mobile: 054 970 64 17 (secretary)



Most Rev. William H. Shomali   20110915_024

Auxiliary Bishop, Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem and Palestine

Latin Patriarchate

P.O.B. 14152

9114101 Jerusalem

Tel: (02) 628 23 23 (ext.196)

Fax: (02) 627 16 52

Mobile: 054 970 64 08


Most Rev. Kamal-Hanna BathishKamal_Bathish_150x200

Emeritus Latin Vicar General

Latin Patriarchate

P.O.B. 14151

9114101 Jerusalem

Tel: (02) 628 23 23

Fax: (02) 626 09 23



Most Rev. Selim SayeghSalim_Sayegh_150x200


Emeritus Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan

Latin Patriarchate

c/o Our Lady of Peace Center

P.O.B. 851379

11185 Amman, Jordan

Tel: +962 6 429 19 90/1

Fax: +962 6 429 19 92

Mobile: +962 (0)79 683 88 38

Email: (via)


Rt. Rev. Francesco Patton, O.F.M.610

        Custos of the Holy Land

1 Saint Francis Street

P.O.B. 186

9100101 Jerusalem

Tel: (02) 626 65 95

Fax: (02) 628 47 17


Email: (secretary)


Rt. Rev. David Neuhaus, S.J.David_Neuhaus

Patriarchal Vicar for Saint James Vicariate

for Hebrew-Speaking Catholics in Israel

Saint Simeon and Anne House

10 Rabbi Kook Street

P.O.B. 581

9100402 Jerusalem

Mobile: 054 782 28 43



Rt. Rev. Jerzy Kraj, O.F.M    Jerzy_Kraj_OFM

Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Cyprus

Holy Cross Church, Paphos Gate    

        P.O.B. 21964
        1015 Nicosia/ Cyprus

        Tel: +375 (22) 66 21 32

        Fax: +375 (22) 66 07 67  





     Rt. Rev.  Zaid A. Habbaba            Habbaba002

Chaldean Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan

Jabal Al-Hussein – 10 Deir Yaseen Street


Tel: +962 (06) 568 84 31

Mobile: + 962 78 050 09 54



   Rev.  …        


    Rev.  Sr. Bruna Fasan, Teaching Sisters of Saint Dorothy

General President of the USRTS

1 Chanoch Albeck Street


9110402 Jerusalem, Israel

Tel: (02) 277 75 84; 274 25 68

Fax: (02) 277 75 85

Mobile: 054 217 66 93


Rev. Pietro Felet, S.C.J.                  pietro-felet-petite

General Secretary

A.C.O.H.L. – Notre Dame Center

P.O.B. 20531

9120402 Jerusalem

Tel: (02) 628 85 54

Fax: (02) 628 85 55



Most Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa

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Most Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa

Titular Archbishop of Verbe

Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Born in Cologno al Serio (Bergamo) on 21 April 1965. He entered the Franciscan Order in September 1984; made Solemn Profession on October 10, 1989 and was ordained Priest on September 15, 1990. In October 1990, he was transferred to the Holy Land,  was Vicar of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem for the pastoral care of Hebrew-speaking Catholics in Israel. He served as Custos of the Holy Land from 2004 to 2016. Since 2008, he has been a Consultor in the Commission for Relations with Judaism for the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Unity among Christians.

He was appointed Apostolic Administrator sede vacante of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem on June 24, 2016 until the appointment of a new Patriarch, and Titular Archbishop of Verbe, formally taking charge of the Latin Patriarchate on July 15, 2016. Ordained Archbishop on September 10, 2016 in Bergamo, Italy.

Address: Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
P.O.B. 14152
9114101 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 628 23 23; 627 22 80
Fax: (02) 627 16 52
Mobile: 054 970 65 99


AOCTS oct.2016 (pt)

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Comunicado da Assembleia dos Ordinários Católicos da Terra Santa




A habitual reunião desenrolou-se num clima fraterno e colegial, no Convento Carmelita Stella Maris em Haifa, nos dias 11 e 12 de Outubro de 2016, com a participação dos Ordinários Católicos da Jordânia, da Palestina e de Chipre e na presença dos dois Núncios Apostólicos.

A Assembleia debruçou-se sobre os seguintes temas:

1 – A Exortação Apostólica Amoris Laetitia, escrita pelo Papa Francisco resultante dos dois Sínodos sobre a família. Neste documento, o casamento cristão é visto no seu aspecto teológico, bíblico, moral e pastoral. Tendo em conta a sua importância, este documento deveria ser lido e estudado não somente por todos os padres das paróquias, mas também por todos os casais. A paróquia que é “a família das famílias” é responsável pela preparação dos casais para o casamento, por os acompanhar nos primeiros anos e, sobretudo, nos momentos de crise ou de dificuldades, e por continuar a acolhê-los na vida da sua paróquia no caso de se encontrarem numa situação irregular.

2 – As relações entre os bispos e os religiosos na Igreja foi analisada à luz do documento Mutuae Relationes de 1978, a pedido da Congregação para os Religiosos e dos Institutos de Vida Consagrada. Neste mesmo âmbito, a Assembleia decidiu convidar um religioso e uma religiosa para participarem nas suas reuniões bianuais. A sua presença irá promover uma maior colaboração entre as igrejas locais e as congregações religiosas cujos carismas estão ao serviço dos fiéis.

3 – A peregrinação dos jovens à Terra Santa no âmbito das JMJ 2016. Os bispos ouviram testemunhos de alguns jovens da Galileia e dos que os acompanharam. Os jovens estavam muito entusiasmados por terem tido a experiência da catolicidade da Igreja e da fé. Ele pediram para serem por nós ajudados no seu caminho da fé e no seu testemunho junto dos outros jovens.

4 – As respostas às questões ligadas ao documento romano, enviado pelo Conselho Pontifício para a Promoção da Unidade Cristã é o fruto de vinte anos de intenso trabalho ecuménico. Entre os temas abordados por este documento, destacamos a relação entre primazia e sinoladidade durante os dez primeiros séculos da história da Igreja. São dois aspectos da sua vida e da sua natureza visto de forma diferente no Oriente e no Ocidente.

5 – As actividades das Caritas e dos Secretariados das escolas católicas ou cristãs na Terra Santa. Os Ordinários agradecem aos responsáveis por estes organismos pelos seus esforços. Estão conscientes das dificuldades acrescidas que enfrentam estas escolas na Galileia e em Jerusalém e comprometem-se a acompanhar os trabalhos dos secretariados e mesmo, se for necessário, a rever os seus estatutos e os seus mecanismos de trabalho para uma maior eficácia.

Os bispos rezaram com as irmãs carmelitas de clausura de Haifa e pediram, nas suas orações, pelos habitantes da Terra Santa e pela paz na Síria e no Iraque. Juntamo-nos ao Papa Francisco para exprimir a nossa solidariedade com os sofrimentos do povo sírio e iraquiano e para pedir com urgência um cessar-fogo imediato em Alepo que permita a retirada dos civis e sobretudo das crianças, apanhados nos bombardeamentos.

A próxima sessão da Assembleia terá lugar em Belém a 14 e 15 do próximo mês de Março.

Haifa, 12 de Outubro de 2016

AOCTS oct. 2016 (it)

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Comunicato dell’Assemblea degli Ordinari Cattolici di Terra Santa – ottobre 2016


COMUNICATO – Gli Ordinari Cattolici di Terra Santa si sono riuniti l’11 e il 12 ottobre ad Haifa. Qui sotto il comunicato, pubblicato in conclusione del loro incontro, con cui espongono i principali temi affrontati dall’Assemblea.


Comunicato dell’Assemblea degli Ordinari Cattolici di Terra Santa

La riunione semestrale dell’Assemblea, l’11 e 12 ottobre 2016, presso il convento carmelitano Stella Maris di Haifa,  si è svolta in un clima molto fraterno e collegiale con la partecipazione degli Ordinari Cattolici di Giordania, Palestina, Israele e Cipro, con la presenza dei due Nunzi Apostolici.

L’Assemblea ha affrontato i seguenti temi:

  1. L’Esortazione apostolica Amoris Laetitia, scritta da papa Francesco in conclusione dei due Sinodi sulla famiglia. Questo documento presenta il matrimonio cristiano sotto l’aspetto teologico, biblico, morale e pastorale. Data la sua importanza questo documento dovrà essere letto e studiato non soltanto dai sacerdoti delle parrocchie, ma anche da tutte le coppie. La parrocchia, “famiglia di famiglie”, ha la responsabilità di preparare le coppie al matrimonio, di accompagnarle nei primi anni e soprattutto nei momenti di crisi o di difficoltà, oltre che di continuare ad accoglierle nella vita parrochiale quando esse fossero in una situazione irregolare.
  2. Le relazioni tra vescovi e religiosi nella Chiesa alla luce del documento romano Mutuae Relationes, del 1978, su richiesta della Congregazione per gli Istituti di Vita Consacrata e le Società di Vita Apostolica. In questa prospettiva, l’Assemblea ha deciso di invitare un religioso e una religiosa a partecipare alle sue riunioni semestrali. La loro presenza promovuerà una grande collaborazione tra le chiese locali e le congregazioni religiose i cui carismi sono a servizio dei fedeli.
  3. Il pellegrinaggio dei giovani di Terra Santa a Cracovia in occasione della JMJ 2016. I vescovi hanno raccolto le testimonianze di alcuni giovani della Galilea e dei loro accompagnatori. I giovani erano entusiasti per avere sperimentato la cattolicità della Chiesa e avere fatto una grande esperienza di fede. Essi stessi ci hanno chiesto di sostenerli nel loro cammino di fede e nella loro testimonianza presso gli altri giovani.
  4. La risposta alle domande del documento romano inviato dal Pontificio Consiglio per la Promozione dell’Unità dei Cristiani. Si tratta del frutto di 20 anni di intenso lavoro ecumenico. Fra i temi affrontati da questo documento, vogliamo menzionare quello della relazione tra primato e sinodalità nei primi dieci secoli della storia della Chiesa. In Oriente e in Occidente questi due aspetti della sua vita e della sua natura sono visti in modo differente.
  5. Le attività della Caritas e dei Segretariati delle scuole cattoliche o cristiane in Terra Santa. Gli Ordinari ringraziano i responsabili di questi organismi per i loro sforzi. Sono consapevoli delle accresciute difficoltà  che le scuole di Gerusalemme e della Galilea devono affrontare e si impegnano ad accompagnare i lavori dei segretariati, anche rivedendo i loro statuti e i loro modi di lavoro per una migliore efficacia.

I vescovi hanno pregato con le Suore carmelitane di clausura di Haifa e hanno domandato le loro preghiere per gli abitanti della Terra Santa e per la pace in Siria e in Iraq. Ci associamo a papa Francesco per esprimere la nostra solidarietà con le sofferenze del popolo siriano e chiedere con urgenza un immediato cessate il fuoco ad Aleppo per permettere l’evacuazione dei civili, soprattutto dei bambini, in trappola a causa dei bombardamenti.

La prossima sessione dell’Assemblea avrà luogo a Betlemme i prossimi 14 e 15 marzo.

Haifa, 12 ottobre 2016

AOCTS oct.2016 (fr)

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Communiqué de l’Assemblée des Ordinaires Catholiques de Terre Sainte – octobre 2016


COMMUNIQUE – Les Ordinaires Catholiques de Terre Sainte se sont réunis les 11 et 12 octobre 2016 à Haïfa. Ci-dessous, le communiqué publié à l’issue de leur rencontre, lequel reprend les points majeurs abordés par l’Assemblée.


Communiqué de l’Assemblée des Ordinaires Catholiques de Terre Sainte

La réunion biannuelle s’est tenue, dans un climat très fraternel et collégial, au couvent carme Stella Maris de Haïfa les 11 et 12 octobre 2016, avec la participation des Ordinaires Catholiques de Jordanie, de Palestine, d’Israël et de Chypre, et en présence des deux Nonces Apostoliques.

L’Assemblée a étudié les thèmes suivants :

  1. L’Exhortation apostolique Amoris Laetitia, écrite par le pape François à l’issue des deux Synodes sur la famille. Ce document présente le mariage chrétien sous l’aspect théologique, biblique, moral et pastoral. Etant donnée son importance, ce document devrait être lu et étudié non seulement par tous les prêtres des paroisses, mais aussi par tous les couples. La paroisse, qui est « la famille des familles », est responsable de préparer les couples au mariage, de les accompagner dans les premières années et surtout en période de crise ou de difficultés, et à continuer à les accueillir dans la vie de la paroisse s’ils se trouvaient dans une situation irrégulière.
  1. Les relations entre les évêques et les religieux dans l’Eglise à la lumière du document romain Mutuae Relationes de 1978, à la demande de la Congrégation pour les Religieux et les Instituts de vie consacrée. Dans ce même cadre, l’Assemblée a décidé d’inviter un religieux et une religieuse à participer à ses réunions biannuelles. Leur présence va promouvoir une grande collaboration entre les églises locales et les congrégations religieuses dont les charismes sont au service des fidèles.
  1. Le pèlerinage des jeunes de Terre sainte à Cracovie dans le cadre des JMJ 2016. Les évêques ont entendu les témoignages de quelques jeunes de Galilée et de leurs accompagnateurs. Les jeunes étaient enthousiastes car ils y ont expérimenté la catholicité de l’Eglise et ont fait une grande expérience de foi. Ils nous ont prié de les soutenir dans leur cheminement de foi et dans leur témoignage auprès des autres jeunes.
  1. La réponse aux questions liées au document romain, envoyé par le Conseil Pontifical pour la Promotion de l’Unité Chrétienne. Il est le fruit de 20 ans de travail œcuménique intense. Parmi les thèmes abordés par ce document, nous mentionnons la relation entre primauté et synodalité pendant les dix premiers siècles de l’histoire de l’Eglise. Ce sont deux aspects de sa vie et de sa nature, différemment vus en Orient et en Occident.
  1. Les activités de Caritas et des Secrétariats des écoles catholiques ou chrétiennes en Terre Sainte. Les Ordinaires remercient les responsables de ces organismes pour leurs efforts. Ils sont conscients des difficultés accrues qu’affrontent les écoles de Galilée et de Jérusalem, et s’engagent à accompagner les travaux des secrétariats, quitte à revoir leurs statuts et leur mécanisme de travail pour une plus grande efficacité.

Les évêques ont prié avec les Sœurs carmélites cloîtrées de Haïfa et ont demandé leurs prières pour les habitants de Terre Sainte et pour la paix en Syrie et Iraq. Nous nous joignons au pape Francois pour exprimer notre solidarité avec les souffrances du peuple syrien et demander avec urgence un cessez-le-feu immédiat à Alep afin de permettre l’évacuation des civils et surtout des enfants, pris en piège par les bombardements.

La prochaine session de l’Assemblée se tiendra à Bethleem entre le 14 et le 15 mars prochain.

Haïfa, le 12 octobre 2016

AOCTS October 2016

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Statement from the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land – October 2016


RELEASE – The Catholic Ordinaries had their bi-annual meeting in Haifa on October 11 and 12, 2016. Below is the communiqué released after the meeting, with the main themes discussed and considered by the Assembly. 


Statement from the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land

The Assembly’s bi-annual meeting was held in a fraternal and collegial atmosphere at the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery in Haifa on October 11 and 12, 2016 with the participation of the Catholic Ordinaries of Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Cyprus, and in the presence of the two Apostolic Nuncios.

The following themes were discussed and considered by the Assembly:

  1. The Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, written by Pope Francis following  the two Synods on the Family. This document presents the Christian marriage in theological, biblical, moral and pastoral perspectives. Given its importance, this document should be read and studied by all parish priests and all couples. The parish which is a “family of families”, is responsible for preparing couples for marriage, accompanying them in the early years of their marriage and most especially in times of crisis or difficulties, and to continue to welcome them into the life of the parish if they were in an irregular situation.
  1. The relationship between Bishops and Religious in the Church in the light of 1978 document Mutuae Relationesfrom the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. In this context, the Assembly invited one representative each from men and women religious to participate in this  bi-annual meeting.  Their presence will promote better collaboration among the local churches and religious congregations whose charisms are at the service of the faithful.
  1. The pilgrimage of the youth of the Holy Land in Krakow and their participation in the World Youth Day 2016.  The Bishops heard testimonies of some young people from Galilee and their chaperons, who were filled with enthusiasm for having experienced the catholicity of the Church and great faith.  They asked to be supported in their journey of faith and in their witness with other young people.
  1. The response to issues related to the document, sent by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.  It is the result of 20 years of intense ecumenical work.  Among the topics covered by this document, we refer to the relationship between primacy and synodality in the first ten centuries of the history of the Church. These are the two aspects of its life and nature, perceived differently in the East and the West.
  1. The activities of Caritas and the Secretariats of the Catholic or Christian schools in the Holy Land.  The Bishops  thanked these organizations for their efforts.  They are aware of the increasing difficulties that confront schools in Galilee and Jerusalem, and undertake to support the work of the secretariats, even review their statutes and work procedures to bring about more effective processes and operational methods.

The Bishops prayed with the cloistered Carmelite Sisters of Haifa, and asked for their prayers for the people of the Holy Land and for peace in Syria and Iraq. We join Pope Francis in expressing our solidarity with the suffering of the people of Syria, asking with urgency for an immediate ceasefire in Aleppo to allow the evacuation of civilians and especially  children, trapped by the bombings.

The next session of the Assembly will take place in Bethlehem on March 14 and 15.

Haifa, October 12, 2016

His Beatitude Patriarch Fouad Twal

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His Beatitude Fouad Twal

Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem for Latins

Born in Madaba (Jordan) October 23, 1940; ordained Priest June 29, 1966; consecrated Bishop of Tunis July 22, 1992; appointed Archbishop Coadjutor of Jerusalem September 8, 2005; took possession of his see June 22, 2008.  Retired July 15, 2016.


 Address: c/o Our Lady of Peace Centre
     P.O.B. 851379
11185 Amman, Jordan
Tel: +962 (0)6 429 19 90/1
Fax: (06) 429 19 92


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