Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

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Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

(Latin Patriarchal Diocese of Jerusalem) 

The Church of Jerusalem was born on the day of Pentecost.  It was governed at first by the College of Apostles under the leadership of St. Peter. St. James was the first bishop of Jerusalem.  A long line of bishops has followed until this day.  The Church of Jerusalem was recognized as a patriarchate by the Council of Chalcedon in 451. 

     Over the centuries, the various Christian communities in Jerusalem shared a common history and, by and large, lived in harmony among themselves until 451 when, following the Council of Chalcedon, the Orthodox (Greek) separated themselves from the Orthodox Oriental Churches (Coptic, Armenian and Syrian).  A second major division came in 1054 when the Churches of the East and those of the West separated from each other. Today, Jerusalem has thirteen Churches with constituted dioceses, six Catholic (Latins, Greek Catholics, Maronites, Syrians, Armenians, and Chaldeans), five Orthodox (Greeks, Armenians, Copts, Syrians, and Ethiopians), and two Protestant (Anglicans and Lutherans).

     When the Crusaders arrived in 1099, the Greek Patriarch Simon fled to Cyprus, leaving the See of Jerusalem vacant. Consequently, the Crusaders installed one of their own, Arnulf, as the first Latin Patriarch.  The Latin Patriarchs succeeded themselves in Jerusalem from 1099 to 1187, at which time the city fell to Saladin, the Latin Patriarch moved to Acre, and the Greek Orthodox Patriarch returned to Jerusalem. 

In 1218, the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans) opened its first monastery in St. John of Acre, thus becoming the oldest Roman Catholic institution in the Holy Land.  When Acre fell in 1291, the Latin Patriarchs moved to Cyprus, then, in 1374, to Rome where they succeeded themselves as Titular Patriarchs until 1847.  During their absence, the constant presence of the Franciscans in the Holy Land was a determining factor in the preservation, formation and growth of the local Catholic Church.

 On July 23, 1847, the Patriarchal See of Jerusalem was restored as a residential see by the Apostolic Letter of Pius IX, Nulla Celebrior.  The first to occupy the post, Patriarch Giuseppe Valerga, arrived in Jerusalem on January 17, 1848 and took possession of his see by solemnly entering the Holy Sepulcher, the cathedral of the Patriarchs of Jerusalem.  

Latin Patriarchs since the restoration in 1847:
H.B. Patriarch Giuseppe Valerga 1847-1872
H.B. Patriarch Vincenzo Bracco 1873-1889
H.B. Patriarch Luigi Piavi, O.F.M. 1889-1905
H.B. Patriarch Filippo Camassei 1907-1919
H.B. Patriarch Luigi Barlassina 1920-1947
H.B. Patriarch Alberto Gori, O.F.M. 1949-1970
H.B. Patriarch Giacomo Beltritti 1970-1987
H.B. Patriarch Michel Sabbah 1987-2008
H.B. Patriarch Fouad Twal 2008 to present


 Address:  Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
P.O.B. 14152
9114101 Jerusalem
Tel:  (02) 628 23 23
Tel: (02)  627 22 80
Fax: (02) 627  16  52




Diocesan Commissions    

Territorial Parishes

The Saint James Vicariate for Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel 

Coordination for the Pastoral among Migrants in Israel

Personal Parishes or Chaplaincies (for Foreigners)

Diocesan Priests

Permanent Deacons

Diocesan Hermit

Latin Patriarchate Printing Press





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Patriarchal Curia 

Counseling College

Presbyteral Council

Patriarchate Chapter

Patriarchate Seminary

Directorate of Patriarchate Schools 

Diocesan Tribunal

Diocesan Tribunal of Amman

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 Diocesan Tribunal


Address: Latin Patriarchal Vicariate
28 Princess Alia Street – Sweifieh
P.O.B. 851379
11185 Amman, Jordan
Tel.: 962 (06) 593 38 60
Fax: 962 (06) 592 62 69


- First Instance

President:    Rev. Jihad Shweihat
Members: Rev. Shavki Baterian
Rev. Yacoub Hijazin
Rev. Issam Zoomot
Rev. Anton Hreimat
Rev. Khalil Jaar
Rev. Ashraf Nimri
Rev. Yacoub Rafidi
Defender of the Bond: Rev. Ibrahim Batarseh
Notary: Mr. Emad Matarweh

 — Second instance

President:   Bishop Selim Sayegh
Members: Rev. Hanna Kaldani
Rev. Majdi Syriani
Defender of the Bond: Rev. Ryad Hijazin

Diocesan Tribunal of Nazareth

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Diocesan Tribunal


Address: Latin Patriarchal Vicariate
Street 6170 &  6191/3 (near the Basilica)
Tel: (04) 655 40 75
Fax: (04) 645 24 16


President:                    Rev. Emil Salayta
Members: Rev. Amjad Sabbara, O.F.M.
Rev. Luois Hazboun
Defender of the Bond  …………….
Notary: Mr. Khader Habash

Diocesan Tribunal of Jerusalem

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Diocesan Tribunal


Address:  Latin Patriarchate
P.O.B. 14152
9114101 Jerusalem
Tel.: (02) 628 57 06
Fax: (02) 628 85 69


-First instance

President:   Rev. Emil Salayta
Members: Rev. Ibrahim Hijazin
Rev. Ibrahim Faltas, O.F.M.
Rev. Giovanni Cinti
Defender of the Bond Rev. Faysal Hijazin
Notaries: Mrs. Hyam Qamar
Mr. Fouad Fallas
Mr. Khader Habash

 — Second instance

President:                    Most Rev. Selim Sayegh
Members: Most Rev. William Shomali
Rev. Majdi Siriani
Defender of the Bond Rev. Luigi Speziale, S.C.J.
Notaries: Mrs. Hyam Qamar
Mr. Fouad Fallas

Directorate of Patriarchal Schools

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Directorate of Patriarchal Schools

General Director for:

- Jordan : Rev. Ashraf Al Nimri
- Palestine: Rev. Faysal Hijazin
- Israel:  Rev. Faysal Hijazin

Patriarchal Seminary

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Patriarchal Seminary (cf. Educational institutes – Seminaries)

Rector: Rev. Jamal Khader
Address: Latin Seminary
P.O.B. 3
Beit Jala
Tel: (02) 274 26 12
Tel: (02) 277 77 44/5/6
Fax: (02) 274 28 85


Patriarchal Chapter

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a. Titular Canons


Name Place and date of birth Date of appointment Residence
Rev. Sleiman Samandar Bir Zeit –      1925 1969 Jerusalem
Rev. Anton Issa Aboud –       1934 1992 Jerusalem
Rev. Jibrail Hijazin Smakieh –    1937 1992 Amman
Rev. Bernt Besch Germany –   1948 2009 Jerusalem
Rev.Adib Zoomot Jerusalem –  1948 2009 Beit Jala
Rev. Louis Hazboun Bethlehem – 1949 2009 Beit Jala
Rev. Jamal Khader Zababdeh –  1966 2009 Beit Jala
Rev. Fayzal Hijazin Amman –     1961 2013 Beit Jala
Rev. Elias Odeh Jifna –          1945 2013 Reneh
Rev. Michael McDonagh England - 2013 Jerusalem


b. Honorary Canons


Rev. Msgr. Robert Stern, CNEWA New York, USA
Rev. Msgr. Pietro Mazzarotto Vittorio Veneto, Italy
Rev. Dean John Kevin Kenny Salford, UK
Rev. Msgr. Angelo Pavese Lodi, Italy
Rev. Drew Christiansen S.J.,New York, USA
Rev. Philippe Blanc Monaco
Rev. Msgr. Maria-Joseph Keulers Houthern-St.Gerlach, Netherlands
Rev. Giuseppe Dossetti Reggio Emilia, Italy
Rev. Donald Fraser Boise, Idaho, USA
Rev. Msgr. Angiolo Livi Firenze, Italy
Rev. Msgr. Luigi Carminati Brescia, Italy
Rev. James Pennett Southwark, London, UK
Rev. Paul Maddison Norfolk, UK
Msgr. Umberto Ottolini Grossetto, Italy
Rev. Msgr. Leonardo Doronzo Barletta, Italy
Rev. Gian Mario Biemmi Brescia, Italy
Rev. Msgr. Philippe Brizard Paris, France
Rev. Msgr. Giuseppe Carini Milano, Italy
Rev. Msgr Giulio Grosso Italy
Rev. Msgr Johan Wagner Germany
Most Rev. Engelbert Siebler Munich, Germany
Rev. Msgr. Orlando Zampieri Italy
Rev. Andrew R. Johnson U.S.A.
Rev. Msgr. Antonio Bodini Brescia, Italy
Rev. Orlando Sbicca Perugia, Italy
Rev. Vittorio Martini Luca, Italy

Presbyteral Council for Latin Church

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West of the Jordan River

 President:    H.B. Fouad Twal 
Secretary: Rev. Firas Aridah
Members ex officio: Most Rev. Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo,
Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar for Israel  
  Most Rev. William Shomali,
Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar for Jerusalem and Palestine
Rt Rev. David Neuhaus, S.J.,
Patriarchal Vicar
Rev. George Ayoub, Chancellor
Rev. Humam Khzouz, General Administrator
Rev. Can. Jamal Khader, Rector of LPS
Members elected: Rev. Abdo Abdo, O.C.D.
Rev. Amjad Sabbara, O.F.M.
Rev. Firas Dayyat Hijazeen, O.F.M.
Rev. Can. Faysal Hijazin


East of the Jordan River

 President:   H.B. Fouad Twal
Vice President: Most Rev. Maroun Lahham,
Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar of Jordan
Secretary: Rev. Ala Musharbash
Members elected:  Rev. Imad Twal
Rev. Shawki Baterian
Rev. Boutros Hijazeen
Rev. Adnan Bader
Rev.Wissam Masadeh

Patriarchal Curia

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Patriarchal Curia 

Chancellor:  Rev. George Ayoub
Tel: (02) 628 23 23
Mobile: +054 970 65 65


General Administrator:   Rev. Imad Twal
Mobile: 054 970 64 00
Judicial Vicars:   Jerusalem and Nazareth
Rev. Emil Salayta,
Rev. Jihad Shweihat,
Counseling College
Members:    Rev. Can. Adib Zoomot
Rev. Can. Faysal Hijazine
Rev. Can. Jamal Khader
Rev. Emil Salayta
Rev. Humam Khzouz




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