Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum: Professors

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 STJ Professors

Regular Professors:

Archaeology, field trips to archaeological sites Rev.                                                                                   Rev. Eugenio Alliata
Moral Theology             Rev. Marcello Badalamenti
Pastoral Theology  Fra Usama Bahbah
Liturgy  Rev. Enrique Bermejo Cabrera
Introduction to NT  Rev. Giovanni Claudio Bottini
Introduction to NT  Rev. Alfio Marcello Buscemi
Dogmatic Theology  Rev. Daniel Chrupcala
Philisophy  Rev. Marcelo Gallardo, I.V.E.
Introduction to NT  Rev. Najib Ibrahim
Canon Law  Rev. Dobromir Jasztal
Church History  Rev. Narcyz Klimas
Moral Theology  Rev. Jerzy Kraj
Archaeology  Rev. Giovanni Loche 
Philosophy  Rev. Seweryn Lubecki
Introduction to NT  Rev. Massimo Luca
Liturgy, Latin  Rev. Stéphane Milovitch
Spirituality  Rev. Noel Muscat 
Dogmatic Theology  Rev. Ramzi Sidawi 
Canon Law  Rev. Miron Sikiric
Hebrew Rev. Apollinary Szwed
Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology  Rev. Bruno Varriano
Dogmatic Theology  Rev. Artemio Vítores

Visiting Professors:

Philosophy Mr. Claudio Maina, Focolari
Introduction to OT Rev. Alberto Mello, Bose Com
Dogmatic Theology, Greek Sr. Telesphora Pavlou, FMCIM
Islamology Bartolomeo Pirone
Philosophy Rev. Gabriel Romanelli, IVE
Sacred Music  Haig Vosgeritchian 


Professors Emeriti:

Rev. Metodio Brlek
Rev. Basilio Talatinian
Rev. Stanislao Loffreda
Rev. Virginio Ravanelli
Rev. Alviero Niccacci
Rev. Giovanni Bissoli
Rev. Frédéric Manns


Studium Teheologicum Jerosolymitanum: Administration

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STF Administration

Dean: Rev.  Massimo Pazzini, O.F.M.
Moderator: Rev. Najib Ibrahim, O.F.M.

Latin Patr. Seminary of Jerusalem: Professors

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Liturgy and Spiritual Liturgy Most Rev. William Dr. Shomali
History of the Church & Patrology Rev. Can. Adib Zoomot
Spirituality Rev. Johny Bahbah
Dogmatic & Fundamental  Theology Rev. Can. Jamal Dr. Khader
Dogmatic & Fundamental  Theology Rev. Ala Alamat
Droit Canon Rev.  Emile Dr. Salayta
Moral Theology Rev.Hanna Dr. Mass’ad
Pastoral Theology & Catechesis
Rev. Ibrahim Dr.  Shomali
Holy Scripture Rev. David Dr. Neuhaus. S.J.
History of Philosophy Rev. Iyad Dr. Twal
Philosophy Rev. Gabriele Romanelli, I.V.E.
Music Rev. Ala Alamat
Rev. Issa Hejazeen
French Language Sr. Marie Geneviève Bruyas
French Language Mrs. Lina Shomali
Secretary and Librarian:   Mr. Nicholas Hodali

Latin Patriarchate Seminary: Administration and Staff

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Rector & Animator of
the Major Seminary
Rev. Can. Jamal Khader
Mobile: 059 976 22 20
Vice Rector & Treasurer & Animator of the Junior Seminary Rev. Hanna Mass’ad
Mobile: 054 970 64 82
Mobile: 059 905 03 13
Animator of the
preliminary study year:
Rev. Johny Bahbah
Mobile: 054 970 65 78
Dean of studies: Rev.  Ala Alamat
Mobile: 054970 64 07
Director of the Studies of the Junior Seminary & Vocational Animator in
Jordan, Palestine & Israel 
Rev. Fr. Ibraqhim Nino
Mobile: 054 970 64 59
Mobile: 059 912 13 90

Albert Decourtray Institute

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Albert Decourtray Institute


The Christian Institute of Studies in Judaism and Hebrew Literature – known as the Albert Decourtray Institute after the former Archbishop of Lyon, who was very committed to Jewish-Christian relations – offers French-speaking Christians the possibility of studying Judaism, as presented in fundamental texts from its tradition, and at the same time to benefit from a Christian accompaniment.

The Institute offers a program of study that touches on the different elements that make up the religious tradition of Judaism, as well as the history and theology of Jewish-Christian relations.

Christian and Jewish lecturers give the courses in French. The Institute welcomes students and free auditors. The Institute operates through the cooperation of the Ecole Cathédrale in Paris.


Address:                     a 6 Eliash, 4th floor                                                           P.O.B. 61229                                                                   9161102 Jerusalem                                                         Tel: (02) 622 10 49 
E-mail:                                Website:
Director: Rev. Michel Remaud, F.M.I.


Bat Kol Institute

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Bat Kol Institute

            Associated with the Sisters of Sion, Bat Kol is a Catholic association of Christian women and men who are committed to study the Word of God within its Jewish context and to incorporate these studies into their Christian self-understanding.  The inspiration for its founding was Nostra Aetate (#4) which states: “Since Christians and Jews have such a common spiritual heritage, this sacred Council wishes to encourage and further mutual understanding and appreciation. This can be obtained, especially, by way of biblical and theological inquiry and through friendly discussions.”  Bat Kol was founded as an institute where Christians can engage in biblical studies and explore their own historical relationship with the Jewish tradition as a whole.

            Each year Bat Kol Institute sponsors intensive month-long graduate-level courses in Jerusalem, accepted by the Gregorian University and several international universities.  In addition, Bat Kol Institute staff supervises several international Bat Kol extension programs.


Address:  Bat Kol Institute
P.O.B. 8030
9108001 Jerusalem
Tel. Fax: (02) 650 76 61


Academic Director: Murray Watson, M. Div. SSL, PhD
Academic Counselor: Sr. Prof. Maureena Fritz, N.D.S., BA., BED., MA., PhD
Curriculum Consultant: Br. Pierre Lenhardt, N.D.S., BA., MA
Office Manager: Natalie King


Center for Biblical Formation

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Center for Biblical Formation


            Sponsored by the Sisters of Sion, the Center for Biblical Formation aims to help students deepen their knowledge of the Bible, increase their understanding of the Jewish roots of Christianity, and gain a better knowledge of the land where the biblical events took place.  It is open to all Christians, priests, religious or lay, who wish to live an authentic experience in the Holy Land in today’s context.

            The program is in English, French and Spanish.

                                Address:  Ecce Homo Convent
41 Via Dolorosa
P.O.B. 67597
9119001 Jerusalem
Tel.: (02) 627 72 92
Fax: (02) 627 67 97


Executif  Director: Sr. Maureen Cusick, NDS                                   E-mail:
Director for English program:  Sr. Bernadette Lynch, NDS
Director for French program:  Dr. Murray Watson                                           Tel: (02) 627 72 92                                             Fax: (02) 627 67 97
Mobile: 050 543 96 16
Director for Spanish program:  Br. Elio Passeto, NDS
Mobile: 050 543 96 16


Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies

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Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies


            After his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1964, Pope Paul VI created an Ecumenical Institute for Theological Research in Jerusalem to foster a better understanding between Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans and Protestants.  The Institute is under the jurisdiction of the Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem and operates in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame in the United States.

            Located between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the Institute welcomes Christians of all denominations: scholars, members of the clergy, religion teachers, men and women, married and single, most of whom receive financial help from their respective institutions. A certain number of students receive scholarships from the Institute itself. Several programs are available, among them a Scholars’ Program which affords students the opportunity to pursue research in a residential community of learning. The Institute also has five continuing education sabbatical programs during the year, collaborates with various church and university groups on educational tours of the Holy Land, and can host conferences.

 The various programs are pursued according to the aims of the Institute which are:

• To assist the search for Christian unity and interchurch harmony among diverse Christian communions.

• To explore the relationship between Christians and peoples of other world faiths, especially Jews and Muslims.

• To participate in the search for world peace and justice, through theological study and by exploring human rights and conflict resolution in different religious and social contexts.

Address:  Tantur Ecumenical Institute
P.O.B. 11381
9111301 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 542 29 00
Fax: (02) 676 09 14


Acting Director:  Tony Pohlen
Rector:  Rev. Russ McDougall, c.s.c.




Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (SBF) Facultas Scientiarum Biblicarum et Archaeologiae Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology

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Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (SBF)

Facultas Scientiarum Biblicarum et Archaeologiae
Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology

            The Studium Biblicum Franciscanum was established in 1924 by Father F. Diotallevi, Custos of the Holy Land, as the Order’s center for biblical studies in Jerusalem. The Convent of the Flagellation in Jerusalem was chosen as the Studium‘s base of operation and was adapted to its new purpose.  A specialized library was built up, and a Palestinian archaeological museum was created.  In 1927, by decision of the Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM), the SBF became an integral part of the study program of the Antonianum College in Rome for courses in Holy Scripture. In 1933, the first archaeological campaign on Mount Nebo (Jordan) was conducted.

      On June 14, 1960, the Studium was recognized as the biblical department of the Pontificium Athenaeum Antonianum, and on March 15, 1982, the Congregation for Catholic Education erected it as the parallel branch of the Faculty of Theology of the same Athenaeum.  On September 4, 2001, the  Congregation elevated it to the rank of Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology.  Since January 11, 2005, Pontificium Athenaeum Antonianum has the title of Pontifical University “Antonianum.”

       In addition to its degree programs leading to both the licentiate (S.S.L.) and the doctorate (S.S.D.), the Studium offers courses leading to specialized diplomas in Oriental Biblical Studies and Archaeology and in Biblical Formation.  It also offers, on a yearly basis, a week of theological biblical study and periodically, a program of continuing education for those who serve as spiritual guides to pilgrims.

       Associated with the SBF is the Custody of the Holy Land’s School of Theology, the Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum (STJ).


…………………………………….Address:  1 Via Dolorosa
P.O.B. 19424
9119301 Jerusalem
Tel.: (02) 627 04 44 (information)
Tel.: (02) 627 04 90 (secretariat)
Fax: (02) 626 45 19
E-mail:                              E-mail:

Administration and Faculty:

Dean: Rev. Massimo Pazzini, O.F.M.
Senate:              Rev. Massimo Pazzini, O.F.M.
  Rev. Tomislav Vuk, O.F.M.
  Rev. Dobromir Jasztal, O.F.M.                                              .
Faculty Council:  Rev. Eugenio Alliata
  Rev. Enrique Bermejo Cabrera
  Rev. Giovanni Claudio Bottini
  Rev. Alfio Marcello Buscemi
  Rev. Daniel Chrupcala
  Rev. Gregor Geiger
  Rev. Najib Ibrahim
  Rev. Dobromir Jasztal
  Rev. Pietro Kaswalder
  Rev. Giovanni Loche
  Rev. Massimo Pazzini
  Bro. Rosario Pierri
  Rev. Amedeo Ricco
  Rev. Tomislav Vuk
Secretary:  Rev. Rosario Pierri                                                              .
Dean’s Council:  Rev. Massimo Pazzini
Rev. Tomislav Vuk
  Bro. Rosario Pierri
Librarian:  Rev. Lionel Goh
Treasurer:  Rev. Massimo Luca
Student Representatives: the ordinary students elect 2 Student Representatives every   academic year
Regular Professors: 
Archaeology, field trips to archaeological sites  Rev. Eugenio Alliata                                                             Rev. Eugenio Alliata
  O.T.  Exegesis Rev. Kryszotof Pius Baranowski
  Greek, N.T. Exegesis Rev. Piotr Blajer
  N.T.  Exegesis Rev. Giovanni Claudio Bottini
  N.T.  Exegesis, N.T. Methodology
Rev. Alfio Marcello Buscemi
  Semitic languages, O.T. Exegesis Rev. Gregor Geiger
  N.T.  Exegesis Rev. Najib Ibrahim
  O.T. Exegesis, Biblical Geography, field trips to archaeological sites
Rev. Pietro Kaswalder                                                         Rev. Pietro Kaswalder
  Archaeology, Biblical History Rev. Giovanni Loche
  Field trips to archaeological  sites
Rev. Massimo Luca
  N.T. Exegesis, Biblical Aramaic Rev. Matteo Munari
  Semitic languages Rev. Massimo Pazzini
  Greek Rev. Rosario Pierri
  O.T. Methodology, Akkadian language Rev. Tomislav Vuk

       Visiting Professors: Every year the Studium invites a number of esteemed professors from various Faculties of Biblical Studies who give their contribution as part of the teaching staff. 

….. Emeritus Professors: Rev. Giovanni Bissoli
Rev. Metodio Brlek
Rev. Stanislao Loffreda
Rev. Frédéric Manns                                                           Rev. Alviero Niccacci
Rev. Virginio Ravanelli
Rev. Basilio Talatinian


Liber Annuus, Annual journal of studies and research.  Publishes biblical, linguistic and archaeological studies.  It also includes preliminary reports on the excavations conducted by the professors of the SBF and their collaborators from other scholarly institutions of Israel and elsewhere.

Collectio Maior, Final reports on archaeological excavations, historical-archaeological monographs, and miscellaneous works on biblical, patristic and archaeological studies.

Collectio Minor, Archaeological excavations, monuments and texts of early Christianity in the Middle East.

Analecta, Exegetical and patristic research, texts for studying biblical languages.

Museum, Monographs and studies concerning the collections and exhibits of the SBF Museum.

Guides, Illustrations of archaeological sites

Salesian Pontifical University Faculty of Theology – Jerusalem Campus STS

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Salesian Pontifical University

Faculty of Theology – Jerusalem Campus

Studium Theologicum Salesianum


The Jerusalem Campus of the Faculty of Theology (Studium Theologicum Salesianum: STS) of the Salesian Pontifical University has been erected by decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education on 2nd February 2011.

The Jerusalem Campus has inherited the legacy of the Studium Theologicum Salesianum, originally founded in Bethlehem in 1929. It was transferred to Tantur in 1949, then to Cremisan, near Beit Jala, in 1957.  Since 1973, it has been affiliated with the Theological Faculty of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome. In September 2004, the students and the academic staff moved to the former Ratisbonne Monastery in Jerusalem, under the patronage of Saints Peter and Paul.

The goal of the STS is to promote the study of and a deeper understanding of the mystery of Christ, as proposed by divine revelation and as interpreted by the teaching authority of the Church. The STS aims particularly at the theological formation of Salesian candidates to the priesthood. It is also open to students from other religious congregations, to diocesan students and to lay students. The students ordinarily conclude their studies with the Bachelor’s degree in theology. Guest students are allowed to choose individual courses of their choice.

Given its privileged location in the Holy Land, the STS aims especially at highlighting a biblical formation by offering appropriate means to achieve this end. In addition, thanks to the ethnic and cultural richness of the Holy Land, it offers the students the possibility of achieving a desirable and necessary ecumenical and inter-religious formation.

The STS, being the Jerusalem Campus of the Faculty of Theology of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome is governed by the principles and norms issued by the Holy See, by the Salesian Congregation and by the Salesian Pontifical University.

In academic activities the medium of communication is English.


Headquaters: Universita Pontificia Salesiana    Ateneo Salesiano, 1                       00139 Roma – Italy


Address: Studium Theologicum Salesianum
Salesian Monastery – Ratisbonne26 Rehov Shmuel Hanagid                         P.O.B. 7336                                         9107202 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 625 91 71                             Tel: (02) 625 70 68                               Fax: (02) 625 91 72
E-mail:     Website:


Principal/President: Rev. Dr Biju Michael, SDB

Academic Council

Rev. Dr Biju Michael, SDB – Principal/President

Rev. Fr. Dominique Arnauld, SDB – Staff Delegate

Rev. Dr Eric John Wyckoff, SDB – Staff Delegate & Secretary

Rev. Andrew Wong, SDB - Rector, Ratisbonne Salesian Community

Rev. Dr Pier Giorgio Gianazza, SDB – Staff Delegate

Rev. Deacon Pedro Sachitula, SDB – Student Representative


Registrar: Rev. Sr. Mary Colman Pyle, FSE

Librarian: Rev. Dr Giovanni Caputa, SDB

Administrator: Rev. Fr. Eric Ondieki Mairura, SDB


Teaching staff

Professors (ordinari):

Caputa Giovanni, sdb, PhD, SThD

Gianazza PierGiorgio, sdb, SThD, PhL

Associate professors (straordinari):

 Michael Biju, sdb, MA, MPh, PGDHRM, M. Bioethics, SThD

Co-opted professors (stabilizzati):

Arnauld Dominique, m.afr., HEL

Russell William, m.afr., SThD

Assistant professors (aggiunti)

Fernando Ric, sdb, BSIE, JCD

Wyckoff Eric John, sdb, DMin, SSL

Emeritus professors (emeriti)

Kuncherakatt Stephen, sdb, SThD

Vernet Joan Maria, sdb, SThD, SSL

Guest professors (invitati)

Barillaro  Antonella, lc, PhD

Cabañas Victor Luis, sdb. SThD

Cellier Jean-Claude, m.afr. PhD

Coelho Ivo, sdb, PhD

Collins Gregory, osb, PhD

Goh Lionel, ofm, SThD

Heap Michael, m.afr. PhD

Lenk Marcie, lc, PhD

Mulè Stagno Aurelio, sdb. SThD, LRSM, Comp.Dipl.

Neuhaus David, sj, PhD, SSL

Shomali William, Bishop, SThD, DD

Simon Robert, sdb, MA, MSW

Vonck Leopold, m.afr, SSL, SThD

Zelazko Piotr, dio.,SSD

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