Territorial Prelature of Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center

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Territorial Prelature of

Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center


            Originally called Notre Dame de France, the complex was built by French Assumptionists between 1884 and 1904 to accommodate French pilgrims.  Badly damaged during the War of 1948, it was eventually turned over to the Holy See on March 2, 1972.  By special decree of Pope John Paul II on December 13, 1978, it was erected as Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center.  Considered an “Ecumenical Holy Place,” the Center is canonically assimilated to a Territorial Prelature, of which the Apostolic Delegate is the prelate.  Under the direct jurisdiction of the Holy See, the Center was entrusted to the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ on November 26, 2004 by a Motu Proprio of Pope John Paul II.  The activity of the Institute is religious, cultural and educational in nature. 

            Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center is also a guesthouse for religious and pilgrims.  It presently has some 144 available rooms, plus 4 meeting and lecture halls, a church, a chapel and a 500-seat auditorium.



Address:  3 Paratroopers Road (Main entrance across from New Gate)
P.O.B. 20531
          9120402 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 627 91 11
     Fax: (02) 627 19 95
E-mail: info@notredamecenter.org
Website: www.notredamecenter.org



Territorial Prelate:

Most Rev. Giuseppe Lazzarotto
Apostolic Delegate for Jerusalem and Palestine


Charge & Vicar General :

Rev. Juan Maria Solana Rivero, L.C.
E-mail: jsolana@legionaries.org


Rev. Eamon Kelly, L.C.
E-mail: ekelly@legionaries.org