Justice and Peace Commission

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Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace


Founded on April 20, 1971, the Commission for Justice and Peace functions under the auspices of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land as a Catholic resource, liaison, and animation center to further the social mission of the Church. 

Address:   Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center
P.O.B. 20531
9120402 Jerusalem
  Tel: (02) 628 85 54
Fax: (02) 628 85 55
Email: jpc@catholicchurch-holyland.com
President: H.B. Michel  Sabbah
Members: Rev. David Neuhaus, S.J.
  Rev. Frans Bouwen,  M.A.
  Rev. Nikodemus Schnabel, O.S.B
  Sr. Frida Nasser,  S.J.A
  Mrs. Rania Abu Murra
  Mrs.  Sawsan Bitar
  Mr. Yousef Daher
  Mr. Sami El -Yousef
  Mr. Raffoul Rofa
  Mr. Francis Tams