Institutum Theologicum Salesianum “Saints Peter and Paul” – Ratisbonne

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Institutum Theologicum Salesianum

“Saints Peter and Paul” – Ratisbonne

            Founded in Bethlehem in 1929, the Institutum Theologicum Salesianum in the Holy Land, which is an international theological seminary, was transferred to Tantur in 1949, then to Cremisan, near Beit Jala, in 1957. Since 1973, its academic component, the Studium Theologicum Salesianum (STS), has been affiliated to the Theological Faculty of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome. In September 2004, the seminary moved to the former Ratisbonne Monastery in Jerusalem, under the patronage of Saints Peter and Paul. In February 2011 the STS became the Jerusalem Campus of the Faculty of Theology of the Salesian Pontifical University. Since 2004, the official language of the community and STS is English.

Address: Studium Theologicum Salesianum         Salesian Monastery – Ratisbonne
26 Rehov Shmuel Hanagid
P.O.B. 7336
9107202 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 625 91 71
Tel: (02) 625 70 68
Fax: (02) 625 91 72                              .

 Administration and Staff

Religious Superior (‘Rector’): Rev. Andrew Wong, S.D.B.
Vice Rector: Rev. Giovanni Caputa, S.D.B.
Administrator: Rev. Eric Mairura, S.D.B.
Principal: Rev. Biju Michael, S.D.B.
Pastoral Councillor: Rev. Fernando Ric, S.D.B.
Councillor: Rev. Eric Wyckoff, S.D.B.
Spiritual Director and Confessor: Rev. Stephen Kuncherakatt, S.D.B.
Spiritual Director and Confessor: Rev. Joan Maria Vernet Mateu, S.D.B.