Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum (STJ)

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Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum (STJ)

The Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum was founded at St. Saviour’s Monastery in 1866 by the Custody of the Holy Land as a Grand Seminary in order to form its own candidates to priesthood. Since then it has welcomed hundreds of students of many nations and different continents and expanded itself progressively and continuously.
On March 2, 1971, the Congregation for Catholic Education gave to the old Seminary the affiliation with the Pontificio Ateneo Antonianum of Rome (Pontificia Università Antonianum –PUA since 2005) under the name of Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum (STJ) and the faculty to confer a Bachelor’s degree in Sacred Theology (STB).
On March 15, 1982, through the same Congregation, the STJ became an integral part (undergraduate) of the Studium Biblicum Francescanum (SBF), Jerusalem section of the Faculty of Theology of the PUA. With the addition in 1987 of the two year study of Philosophy based at Bethlehem’s St. Catherine’s Convent, transferred in Jerusalem in 2004, the STJ includes the entire undergraduate level of the Faculty of Theology.
As a university institution of the Church, the STJ also welcomes, besides the franciscan seminarians, lay and religious people – men and women that have the necessary requirements.


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