Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (SBF) Facultas Scientiarum Biblicarum et Archaeologiae Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology

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Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (SBF)

Facultas Scientiarum Biblicarum et Archaeologiae
Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology

            The Studium Biblicum Franciscanum was established in 1924 by Father F. Diotallevi, Custos of the Holy Land, as the Order’s center for biblical studies in Jerusalem. The Convent of the Flagellation in Jerusalem was chosen as the Studium‘s base of operation and was adapted to its new purpose.  A specialized library was built up, and a Palestinian archaeological museum was created.  In 1927, by decision of the Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM), the SBF became an integral part of the study program of the Antonianum College in Rome for courses in Holy Scripture. In 1933, the first archaeological campaign on Mount Nebo (Jordan) was conducted.

      On June 14, 1960, the Studium was recognized as the biblical department of the Pontificium Athenaeum Antonianum, and on March 15, 1982, the Congregation for Catholic Education erected it as the parallel branch of the Faculty of Theology of the same Athenaeum.  On September 4, 2001, the  Congregation elevated it to the rank of Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology.  Since January 11, 2005, Pontificium Athenaeum Antonianum has the title of Pontifical University “Antonianum.”

       In addition to its degree programs leading to both the licentiate (S.S.L.) and the doctorate (S.S.D.), the Studium offers courses leading to specialized diplomas in Oriental Biblical Studies and Archaeology and in Biblical Formation.  It also offers, on a yearly basis, a week of theological biblical study and periodically, a program of continuing education for those who serve as spiritual guides to pilgrims.

       Associated with the SBF is the Custody of the Holy Land’s School of Theology, the Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum (STJ).


…………………………………….Address:  1 Via Dolorosa
P.O.B. 19424
9119301 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 627 04 44 (information)
Tel: (02) 627 04 90 (secretariat)
Fax: (02) 626 45 19

Administration and Faculty:

Dean: Rev. Massimo Pazzini, O.F.M.
Senate:              Rev. Massimo Pazzini, O.F.M.
  Rev. Tomislav Vuk, O.F.M.
  Rev. Dobromir Jasztal, O.F.M.                                              .
Faculty Council:  Rev. Eugenio Alliata
  Rev. Enrique Bermejo Cabrera
  Rev. Giovanni Claudio Bottini
  Rev. Alfio Marcello Buscemi
  Rev. Daniel Chrupcala
  Rev. Gregor Geiger
  Rev. Najib Ibrahim
  Rev. Dobromir Jasztal
  Rev. Pietro Kaswalder
  Rev. Giovanni Loche
  Rev. Massimo Pazzini
  Bro. Rosario Pierri
  Rev. Amedeo Ricco
  Rev. Tomislav Vuk
Secretary:  Rev. Rosario Pierri                                                              .
Dean’s Council:  Rev. Massimo Pazzini
Rev. Tomislav Vuk
  Bro. Rosario Pierri
Librarian:  Rev. Lionel Goh
Treasurer:  Rev. Massimo Luca
Student Representatives: the ordinary students elect 2 Student Representatives every   academic year
Regular Professors: 
Archaeology, field trips to archaeological sites  .
Rev. Eugenio Alliata
  O.T.  Exegesis Rev. Kryszotof Pius Baranowski
  Greek, N.T. Exegesis Rev. Piotr Blajer
  N.T.  Exegesis Rev. Giovanni Claudio Bottini
  N.T.  Exegesis, N.T. Methodology
Rev. Alfio Marcello Buscemi
  Semitic languages, O.T. Exegesis Rev. Gregor Geiger
  N.T.  Exegesis Rev. Najib Ibrahim
  O.T. Exegesis, Biblical Geography, field trips to archaeological sites
Rev. Pietro Kaswalder
  Archaeology, Biblical History Rev. Giovanni Loche
  Field trips to archaeological  sites
Rev. Massimo Luca
  N.T. Exegesis, Biblical Aramaic Rev. Matteo Munari
  Semitic languages Rev. Massimo Pazzini
  Greek Rev. Rosario Pierri
  O.T. Methodology, Akkadian language Rev. Tomislav Vuk

       Visiting Professors: Every year the Studium invites a number of esteemed professors from various Faculties of Biblical Studies who give their contribution as part of the teaching staff. 

….. Emeritus Professors: Rev. Giovanni Bissoli
Rev. Metodio Brlek
Rev. Stanislao Loffreda
Rev. Frédéric Manns                                                           Rev. Alviero Niccacci
Rev. Virginio Ravanelli
Rev. Basilio Talatinian


Liber Annuus, Annual journal of studies and research.  Publishes biblical, linguistic and archaeological studies.  It also includes preliminary reports on the excavations conducted by the professors of the SBF and their collaborators from other scholarly institutions of Israel and elsewhere.

Collectio Maior, Final reports on archaeological excavations, historical-archaeological monographs, and miscellaneous works on biblical, patristic and archaeological studies.

Collectio Minor, Archaeological excavations, monuments and texts of early Christianity in the Middle East.

Analecta, Exegetical and patristic research, texts for studying biblical languages.

Museum, Monographs and studies concerning the collections and exhibits of the SBF Museum.

Guides, Illustrations of archaeological sites