Pontifical Biblical Institute (PBI)

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Pontifical Biblical Institute (PBI)

When the Pontifical Biblical Institute was founded in Rome in 1909, a branch in the Holy Land was already being considered. Father Alexis Mallon, S.J. came to Jerusalem in 1913 to set up such a branch but was prevented from doing so because of the War of 1914-18.  He returned in 1919.  The cornerstone of the building was laid in October 1925 and the inauguration took place in July 1927.

     From 1927 to 1938, a few students from the Biblicum in Rome came to Jerusalem each year during the last semester of their studies.  Beginning in 1952, the Jerusalem branch opened its doors to other biblical students.  Courses in the biblical languages were organized from 1969 to 1972 for students preparing to attend the Biblicum in Rome.

     Since 1975, a program of seven months is offered by Hebrew University of Jerusalem to students of the Biblicum who have completed in Rome the introductory course in biblical Greek and Hebrew.  This program aims at deepening their knowledge of Hebrew and of the history, geography and archaeology of the land of the Bible.  Since 1986, the Ecole Biblique of Jerusalem receives for one semester other students from the Biblicum in Rome who are halfway through their studies.  In addition to the study of biblical Aramaic, this program includes courses in exegesis.  Finally, since 2000, the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum offers each year in September a course in biblical archaeology to a significant number of students from the Pontifical Biblical Institute.


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Director: Rev. Patrick Lee, S.J.