Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies

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Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies


     After his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1964, Pope Paul VI created an Ecumenical Institute for Theological Research in Jerusalem to foster a better understanding between Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans and Protestants. The Institute is under the jurisdiction of the Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem and operates in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame in the United States.
           Located between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the Institute welcomes Christians of all denominations: scholars, members of the clergy, religion teachers, men and women, married and single, most of whom receive financial help from their respective institutions. A certain number of students receive scholarships from the Institute itself. Several programs are available, among them a Scholars’ Program which affords students the opportunity to pursue research in a residential community of learning. The Institute also has five continuing education sabbatical programs during the year, collaborates with various church and university groups on educational tours of the Holy Land, and can host conferences.

The various programs are pursued according to the aims of the Institute which are:
            – To assist the search for Christian unity and interchurch harmony among diverse Christian communions.
            – To explore the relationship between Christians and peoples of other world faiths, especially Jews and Muslims.
            – To participate in the search for world peace and justice, through theological study and by exploring human rights and conflict resolution in different religious and social contexts.


Tantur Ecumenical Institute
P.O.B. 11381
9111301 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 542 29 00
Fax: (02) 676 09 14
Email: tantur@tantur.org
Website: www.tantur.org
Rev. Russ McDougall, c.s.c.
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