Principal Shrines in the Holy Land

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IX. Principal Shrines in the Holy Land

Jerusalem Bethphage (OFM)
Cenacle (OFM)
Dominus Flevit (OFM)
Dormition (Benedictines)
Ecce Homo (Sisters of Sion-Chemin Neuf)
Flagellation (OFM)
Gethsemane (OFM)
Holy Sepulcher (OFM)
Our Father / Pater Noster (Carmelite Nuns)
St. Anne (Missionaries of Africa)
St. Peter in Gallicantu (Assumptionists)
St. Stephen / St. Etienne (Dominicans)
3rd  and 4th  Stations (Armenian Catholics)
5th  & 7th  Stations (OFM)
6th  Station (Melkites)
Abu Gosh Emmaus of the Crusaders (Benedictines)
Beit Sahour Shepherds’ Field (OFM)
Bethany St. Lazarus (OFM)
Bethlehem Milk Grotto (OFM)
Nativity (OFM)
Cana First Miracle (OFM)
Capernaum House of Peter (OFM)
Ein Karem Visitation (OFM)
St. John in the Desert (OFM)
St. John the Baptist (OFM)
Haifa Stella Maris (Carmelites)
Jordan River Place of the Baptism (OFM)
Latrun Amwas Emmaus Nicopolis (Betharram/Beatitudes)
Mount Nebo Memorial to Moses (OFM)
Mount of Beatitudes Sermon on the Mount (Franciscan Sisters of IHM)
Muhraqa Sacrifice of Elijah (Carmelites)
Nazareth Annunciation (OFM)
St. Joseph (OFM)
Synagogue (Melkites)
Qubeibeh Emmaus Qubeibeh (OFM)
Ramleh St. Nicodemus (OFM)
Tabgha Multiplication of the Loaves (Benedictines) Primacy of Peter (OFM)
Tabor Transfiguration (OFM)
Tiberias St. Peter (OFM)
Jordan Mount Nebo (OFM)
Al- Maghtas – Jordan River
Anjara – Our Lady of the Mountain
Tisbeh – St Elijah


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