Our Lady of Peace Center

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Our Lady of Peace Centre
Founded 2004

       Owned by the Latin Patriarchal Vicariate in Amman, Jordan, the Centre is dedicated to serving people with disabilities and to raise the awareness of the Jordanian society on the rights of people with disabilities. The Centre provides educational and counseling services for the mentally retarded persons, physiotherapy and occupational therapy for physically disabled and early intervention unit for severe cases and autism. Also the center can host 150 persons for youth, retreat and pastoral programs.

In this words the Holy Father Benedict XVI started his speech at Our Lady of Peace Centre – Good Shepherd Church on 8thMay, 2009: “Your reputation for outstanding professional competence, compassionate care and resolute promotion of the rightful place in society of those with special needs is well known here and throughout the kingdom. To the young people present, I thank you for your moving welcome. It is a great joy for me to be with you… Of particular importance, I know, is the Center’s great success in promoting the rightful place of the disabled in society and in ensuring that suitable training and opportunities are provided to facilitate such integration. For this foresight and determination you all deserve great praise and encouragement!”


Address: Our Lady of Peace Centre
P.O.B. 851379
11185 Amman, Jordan
Tel.: +962 (06) 429 19 90/1
Fax: +962 (06) 429 19 92
Website: www.olopc.info
General Director and
representative of the Local Bishop:
                                                                                                                                                Rev. Ala Alamat
E-mail: alamatala@hotmail.com

Executive Committee:  The Central Committee for OLOPC

President: Mr. Saham Madanat
Vice President & Coordinator:  Dr. Nabil Kharman
Director of the Centre in Amman:  Rev. Ala Alamat
Media Coordinator:  Mr. Murad Sidawi
Studies & Development Coordinator:  Ms. Rizan Kilani
General Secretary:  Ms. Elin Twal

Administration of the Main Centre in Amman

 The Latin Patriachate of Jerusalem

Director: Rev. Ala Alamat
Members: Mr. Saham Madanat
  Miss Elin Twal

Satellite Centres:

Amman: Educational and counseling services, Physiotherapy and occupational therapy, early intervention unit.
Aqaba: Physiotherapy and occupational therapy, early intervention unit.
Mafraq: Sa’edya Physiotherapy unit (North East Badiah)
Ajloun: Anjara Physiotherapy unit (Latin Church)
Fuheis:           Fuheis Physiotherapy unit
Zerka: Zerka Physiotherapy