Syro-Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate of Jerusalem

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Syro-Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate of Jerusalem


In conformity with a decision made by the early Church, Jerusalem kept its status within the Syrian Church of Antioch as one of the vicariates of the Patriarchal See of Antioch. The Syrian Church, which united to Rome in 1659, established the Vicariate of Jerusalem in 1890. By a firman dated May 6, 1845, Ottoman Sultan Abdel Majid recognized the civil rights of the Syrian Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch in Jerusalem and in the Holy Land and exempted it from all taxes and customs.

The residence of the Exarchate shared the vicissitudes of the wars and revolutions that took place between 1900 and 1973.  It was successively transferred in 1948 from Damascus Gate in Jerusalem to Bethlehem and in 1965 from Bethlehem back to Jerusalem, to the present House of Abraham (Maison d’Abraham) at Ras El Amud – Silwan. In 1973, it purchased a property and settled definitively at 6 Chaldean Street.  In 1986 the church of Saint Thomas was built along with other facilities that include the Saint Thomas Center for Pilgrims and a Youth Center.

Titulars of the Exarchate since 1810:

Most Rev. Grégoire Butros Jarweh 1810
Most Rev. Grégoire Elias 1811
Most Rev. Grégoire Issa Mahfouz 1826
Rt. Rev. Moussa Sarkis 1892
Rt. Rev. Thomas Bahi 1904
Rt. Rev. Yacob Melki 1911
Rt. Rev. Yussef Rabbani 1923
Rt. Rev. Yohanna Mustekawi 1927
Rt. Rev. Ephrem Haddad 1932
Rt. Rev. Yohanna Karoum 1948-1959
Rt. Rev. Yacob Naoum 1959-1977
Most Rev. Grégoire Pierre Abdel-Ahad (elected Patriarch) 1977-2002
Most Rev. Grégoire Pierre Melki 2002-2020


Address: Syro-Catholic Exarchate of Jerusalem
86A Nablus Street
P.O.B. 19787
9119702 Jerusalem
          Tel: (02) 628 26 57

Patriarchal Exarch:   (sede vacante)

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