Greek Melkite Catholic Archeparchy of Akko

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Greek Melkite Catholic Archeparchy of Akko


Ptolemais-Acre, which had been visited by Saint Paul, quickly formed a Christian community that became a suffragant diocese of Tyr until the end of the Crusades, after which it remained without a resident bishop.

In 1752, the see was restored as a Melkite diocese by Patriarch Cyril VI Tanas and attached once again to Tyr, which had become independent from Jerusalem.  However, the Melkite bishops of Acre began to reside there only in 1804.

 Before 1932, the jurisdiction of Acre included Transjordan.  The see became an archeparchy (archdiocese) on November 18, 1954 and includes all of Galilee.     

Titulars since the restoration:

Most Rev. Macaire Oujaimi Salvatorian 1752–1763 residing in Djoun
Most Rev. Macaire Fakhoury Salvatorian 1763-1794 res. at Saint Savior
Most Rev. Macaire Nahas Salvatorian 1795-1809
Most Rev. Theodorse Habib Salvatorian 1809-1833 res. at Saint Savior
Most Rev. Clement Bahouth Salvatorian 1833-1856 elected Patriarch
Most Rev. Gregoire Youssef Salvatorian 1856-1864 elected Patriarch
Most Rev. Agapios Doumani Salvatorian 1864-1893
Most Rev. Athanase Sabbagh Salvatorian 1894-1899
Most Rev. Gregoire Hajjar Salvatorian 1901-1940
Most Rev. Joseph Maalouf Paulist 1940-1943 Administrator
Most Rev. Georges Hakim Diocesan 1943-1967 elected Patriarch
Most Rev. Joseph Raya Diocesan 1968-1974
Most Rev. Maximos Salloum Diocesan 1975-1997
Most Rev. Lutfi Laham Salvatorian 1997-1998 Administrator
Most Rev. Boutros Mouallem Paulist 1998-2003
Most Rev. Georges Haddad Paulist 2003-2006 Administrator
Most Rev. Elias Chacour Diocesan 2006-2014
Most Rev. Moussa El-Hage Maronite 2014 Administrator
Most Rev. Georges Bacouni Diocesan 2014 at present


Address: P.O.B. 9450
33, Hagefen Street
3505318 Haifa
Tel: (04) 850 81 05; 850 81 07
Fax: (04) 850 81 06


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