Requirements for applying for the granting or renewal of the Spiritual Leader’s -SPL-CARD

Posted by jean-paul | Uncategorized | Friday 19 February 2010 8:10 am

The candidate must:

  1. Be between the ages of 26 and 75 years;
  2. Be in good physical and mental health;
  3. Have a vibrant spiritual life and demonstrate exemplary moral conduct;
  4. Have a letter from his bishop or provincial stating that he/she has received the mission to carry out this specific ministry in the Holy Land;
  5. Have a Bible qualification that is certified by a reputable faculty of theology;
  6. Have a good knowledge of the geography, archeology, and ancient and modern history of the Holy Land;
  7. Have an adequate knowledge of English to do this ministry;
  8. Have good interpersonal and communication skills;
  9. Have participated in at least 4 pilgrimages as an assistant to an expert biblical pilgrimage tour guide (for new applications);
  10. Have participated in training courses or ongoing formation for biblical pilgrimage tour leaders (SPL) organized by the Commission for Christian pilgrimages;
  11. Not be under ecclesiastical excommunication;
  12. Not have been convicted in a civil or criminal court.
  13. The “SLP Card” may not be requested by travel agents and employees of travel agencies.