Coordinating Catholic Aid Organizations (CCAO)

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 Coordinating Catholic Aid Organizations (CCAO)


The Coordinating Catholic Aid Organizations (CCAO) was established in accordance with the Pastoral Plan of the Diocesan Synod of the Catholic Churches in the Holy Land in 2000. Section 15 of the Pastoral Plan under the heading “The Presence of our Churches in the World of Human Suffering”, provides for the ‘creation of a higher council of institutions working in the area of human suffering for coordination and collaboration”.

In compliance with the Pastoral Plan decision number 6, it was determined by the Catholic Aid organizations to establish the “Coordinating Catholic Aid Organizations in the Holy Land” (CCAO) and to be associated with the Assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land (ACOHL).

The Goals of CCAO:

           To enhance mutual support among its members;

           To enhance communication and share information freely to provide aid and support in a more effective and efficient way without duplication of services;

           To refer cases to other CCAO member organizations according to expertise, knowledge, experience and capacity to deal with circumstances or situations of need;

           To encourage coordination and cooperation of efforts in the service of God and all His people in the Holy Land: striving to realize a common vision and following the principles of the Catholic social teaching on solidarity, subsidiary human dignity, social justice, and options for the poor.

CCAO members:

  1. Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
  2. Bethlehem University
  3. Caritas Baby Hospital
  4. Caritas Jerusalem
  5. Catholic Relief Service (CRS)
  6. Custody of the Holy Land 
  7. Deutscher Verein vom Heiligen Lande (DVHL)
  8. Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation
  9. Maison d’Abraham – Secours Catholique
  10. Pontifical Mission for Palestine
  11. Secretariat of Solidarity
  12. Society of Saint Vincent de Paul
  13. Society of Saint Yves