Salesian Pontifical University Faculty of Theology – Jerusalem Campus STS

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Salesian Pontifical University

Faculty of Theology – Jerusalem Campus

Studium Theologicum Salesianum


The Jerusalem Campus of the Faculty of Theology (Studium Theologicum Salesianum: STS) of the Salesian Pontifical University has been erected by decree of the Congregation for Catholic Education on 2nd February 2011.

The Jerusalem Campus has inherited the legacy of the Studium Theologicum Salesianum, originally founded in Bethlehem in 1929. It was transferred to Tantur in 1949, then to Cremisan, near Beit Jala, in 1957.  Since 1973, it has been affiliated with the Theological Faculty of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome. In September 2004, the students and the academic staff moved to the former Ratisbonne Monastery in Jerusalem, under the patronage of Saints Peter and Paul.

The goal of the STS is to promote the study of and a deeper understanding of the mystery of Christ, as proposed by divine revelation and as interpreted by the teaching authority of the Church. The STS aims particularly at the theological formation of Salesian candidates to the priesthood. It is also open to students from other religious congregations, to diocesan students and to lay students. The students ordinarily conclude their studies with the Bachelor’s degree in theology. Guest students are allowed to choose individual courses of their choice.

Given its privileged location in the Holy Land, the STS aims especially at highlighting a biblical formation by offering appropriate means to achieve this end. In addition, thanks to the ethnic and cultural richness of the Holy Land, it offers the students the possibility of achieving a desirable and necessary ecumenical and inter-religious formation.

The STS, being the Jerusalem Campus of the Faculty of Theology of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome is governed by the principles and norms issued by the Holy See, by the Salesian Congregation and by the Salesian Pontifical University.

In academic activities the medium of communication is English.


Headquaters: Universita Pontificia Salesiana Ateneo Salesiano, 1
00139 Roma – Italy


Address: Studium Theologicum Salesianum
Salesian Monastery – Ratisbonne
26 Rehov Shmuel Hanagid
P.O.B. 7336
9107202 Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 625 91 71
Tel: (02) 625 70 68
Fax: (02) 625 91 72
E-mail:     Website:


Principal/President: Rev. Dr Biju Michael, SDB

Academic Council

Rev. Dr Biju Michael, SDB – Principal/President

Rev. Fr. Dominique Arnauld, SDB – Staff Delegate

Rev. Dr Eric John Wyckoff, SDB – Staff Delegate & Secretary

Rev. Andrew Wong, SDB – Rector, Ratisbonne Salesian Community

Rev. Dr Pier Giorgio Gianazza, SDB – Staff Delegate

Rev. Deacon Pedro Sachitula, SDB – Student Representative


Registrar: Rev. Sr. Mary Colman Pyle, FSE

Librarian: Rev. Dr Giovanni Caputa, SDB

Administrator: Rev. Fr. Eric Ondieki Mairura, SDB


Teaching staff

Professors (ordinari):

Caputa Giovanni, sdb, PhD, SThD

Gianazza PierGiorgio, sdb, SThD, PhL

Associate professors (straordinari):

 Michael Biju, sdb, MA, MPh, PGDHRM, M. Bioethics, SThD

Co-opted professors (stabilizzati):

Arnauld Dominique, m.afr., HEL

Russell William, m.afr., SThD

Assistant professors (aggiunti)

Fernando Ric, sdb, BSIE, JCD

Wyckoff Eric John, sdb, DMin, SSL

Emeritus professors (emeriti)

Kuncherakatt Stephen, sdb, SThD

Vernet Joan Maria, sdb, SThD, SSL

Guest professors (invitati)

Barillaro  Antonella, lc, PhD

Cabañas Victor Luis, sdb. SThD

Cellier Jean-Claude, m.afr. PhD

Coelho Ivo, sdb, PhD

Collins Gregory, osb, PhD

Goh Lionel, ofm, SThD

Heap Michael, m.afr. PhD

Lenk Marcie, lc, PhD

Mulè Stagno Aurelio, sdb. SThD, LRSM, Comp.Dipl.

Neuhaus David, sj, PhD, SSL

Shomali William, Bishop, SThD, DD

Simon Robert, sdb, MA, MSW

Vonck Leopold, m.afr, SSL, SThD

Zelazko Piotr, dio.,SSD